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Baby holding gun picture sparks condemnation: Hoopla baffles her Connecticut dad

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The baby holding a gun in a picture posted on the Facebook page of a Connecticut gun store, has the infant’s father defending this seemingly harmless picture. It seems that Christopher Duffy never thought that the Facebook picture of his six-month-old daughter holding the rifle would cause such a major outrage. Is this going overboard with all the condemnation?

According to Fox News on March 2, Duffy’s daughter Genevieve is sitting in her car seat and she has one hand on the rifle. The picture was snapped in a Woodbridge, Connecticut firearms shop, by Duffy, which he thought showed just how light the riffle is.

Someone who saw the picture on Facebook sent the picture to WTNH New Haven News and they did a segment on the baby holding the gun. From there it went viral, with some finding this picture disturbing.

The picture, which is seen above, has since been taken down, but the debate is still on, as the morning news shows have picked up the picture, giving more mileage to the baby with the gun in the photo.

There are two distinct camps on the photo. Some say it is disturbing and wrong. Others say it is fine and see nothing wrong with it. Many see it as a “cute family photo” that poses no harm, which is what one commentator said on Fox News live on Monday morning.

Duffy defends his right as a parent to take this picture as all the safety precautions were taken, so the child wasn’t in any danger. Some folks on Fox News find this picture just fine, while others, again find it troubling.

Many of the hundreds of online comments were in support of the dad. Although one person felt that this picture was shameful to post after the shooting of school children in Connecticut just over a year ago. Is this a stretch in trying to condemn the picture? What do you think?



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