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Baby HIV: Second baby is HIV-free after early treatment

Has a second child been cured of HIV?
Has a second child been cured of HIV?
NY Post

The phrase "Baby HIV" is trending worldwide, and many believe that could lead to a bad thing, but it actually is good news. The Chicago Tribune reported on March 6, 2014, that a nine-month old baby may have been cured of HIV, and that would actually mark the second child that has been cured of the deadly virus.

A California baby was treated for HIV within just hours of birth, and is now free of the virus almost a full year after they were born.

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In the approach for the second baby with HIV, it reflected that which was taken for a Mississippi baby. That child in Mississippi has been off treatment for 21 months and still has no detectable virus in her system whatsoever.

As for the baby with HIV in California, the treatment was started just four hours after her birth and the child has essentially been cured.

"The child ... has become HIV-negative," Persaud said, referring to the 9-month-old baby born outside Los Angeles, who is being treated at Miller Children's Hospital. The child's identify was not disclosed.

Both children were born to mothers that were infected with HIV, and could possibly lead to AIDS. The latest child is receiving a three-drug cocktail of anti-AIDS treatments, and they obviously appear to have worked for the second time in history.

Initially, the California baby with HIV had a positive test for the virus. After six days of the drugs, the virus was completely undetectable. The baby is still being treated as this isn't necessarily a cure, and doctors don't even want to say "remission" just yet, but the disease is no longer there.

The baby is now 11 months old and in the care of a foster family and showing no trace of HIV.

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