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Baby goat killing and mutilation is not work of Detroit Witches or Satanists

Seriously Annoyed Blessings!

The manager of the Russell Industrial Center, near Clay and I-75, in Detroit disclosed what was the location of the charred and gutted remains of a baby goat on Monday in a parking lot, next to their location. According to details released yesterday, the remains were found inside two chalk drawn circles, with a rope around the animals neck. Nearby was a container of lighter fluid. The entire scene was left outside in view for anyone who passed by to clearly see until discovered, and reported, by the staff at the complex.

According to Fox17 West Michigan's report

"Those details, combined with the fact that the goat appears to have been gutted and set on fire, have employees wondering if this was a sacrifice in some satanic ritual"

However, the security guard interviewed by Gus Burns for MLive was a bit more predisposed to assume it was a different path's working when he stated

"I saw that (expletive), it was split up the stomach man," said one guard who declined to provide his name. "It had a rope by the damn throat and there were two circles. That's some witchcraft stuff."

Let me clear my throat before this writer turns the cauldron over, tips out the soap, and stands on it so that this may be heard clearly and with authority.

This is not the working of a mentally stable and devout person or persons. It has nothing to do with the law abiding, sane, responsible Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Santerian, or Vodoun communities as far as the evidence on its face would convey. Let us break it down.

In regards to the Satanic ritual assumption. Shall we look to the writings of Mr. LaVey himself? In the Satanic Bible, he states

"“Under NO circumstances would a Satanist sacrifice any animal or baby! For centuries, propagandists of the right hand path have been prattling over the supposed sacrifices of small children and voluptuous maidens at the hands of diabolists...there are sound and logical reasons why the Satanist could not perform such sacrifices. Man, the animal, is the godhead to the Satanist. The purest form of carnal existence reposes in the bodies of animals and human children who have not grown old enough to deny themselves their natural desires. They can perceive things that the average adult human can never hope to. Therefore, the Satanist holds these beings in a sacred regard, knowing he can learn much from these natural magicians of the world.”

So sorry, no cookies to be had here for these disturbed individuals. There is no Dark Side that normal people revel in and do this kind of atrocity. No one applauds or laughs or celebrates perverse violence.

It is important to not feed into the fomentation of a new Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare environment based on a case of animal cruelty and theatrics by a malignant malevolent person or persons. The days of the focus of law enforcement being directed toward a mythos of Satanic depravity sweeping the nation must not be repeated. The hysteria is very real and awaiting the opportunity to be reawakened by the ignorant and intolerant.

Now let us contemplate the Witchcraft angle. Modern Neo Pagan Witchcraft and Wicca, two very different aspects of some Pagan paths, have not been directly linked to this sort of work. The criminals appear to have been attempting to mimic what they may have believed to be a ritual by including the chalk circles. Two circles were drawn. Ladies and gentlemen, if a Witch or Wiccan draws a Circle, it is generally usually done with three or one. Again, generally being the operative word here. Of course different Traditions have different practices, but it is extremely doubtful that any would have done such a base and provocative piece of filth like what was perpetrated here.

"The Rede of the Wiccae" by Lady Gwen Thompson that many, not ALL, Wiccans embrace is based upon the central tenet that they "Harm None". There is nothing about animal sacrifice in there. The Covenant of Aradia does not list anywhere anything about drawing chalk circles or sacrificing goats either. Gerald Gardner did not mention it in the Ardanes. So, this connection to Modern Neo Pagan Witchcraft in this vile activity is ignorant at best, reckless at worst. If it bleeds, it leads. But in this case it seems to lead to fear mongering and irresponsible assumption combined with religious bigotry.

For the body of comments that are even now gathering on the internet that are attempting to state it was related to Santeria, here is a little information provided by They concisely outline the facts on this topic of Faith and sacrifice when they state:

" Santerians defend their practices by pointing out:

  • The animals are killed in a humane manner.
  • They are generally eaten later, just as the many of millions of animals slaughtered daily in North American commercial establishments.
  • Ritual sacrifice of animals was extensively practiced in ancient Israel and was only discontinued after the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in the eighth decade CE.
  • They feel that the sacrifices must continue because their Orisha require the food. (The Orisha are various manifestations of God).
  • Animal sacrifices have formed a part of their religion for over one millennium."

And yet nowhere in that description was it seemingly part of the faith to leave a sacrifice for one's Orishas abandoned in a parking lot and left like trash in a pair of chalk circles. How disrespectful would this be? This goes without excuses that it is not this kind of work.

Just stop it. Really media, please control yourselves in your zeal to vilify and sensationalize. Do not deliberately celebrate misreported aspects of other religious cultures. This has nothing to do with religion or sane and accepted Modern Neo Pagan Witchcraft or Wicca. It has nothing to do with authentic Satanism, LaVeyan or Theistic, and it has nothing to do with actual Santeria. What this is is an act by an individual or individuals designed to fulfill some twisted personal need for gratification at the expense of another living creature. Otherwise, why leave it to be discovered and be improperly handled if it had a true purpose?

This is not how ethical magick is done. This is not how ethical people behave. This is not a brush that the media is allowed to use to paint the Pagan community in Michigan. This reprehensible act is just that, an act, a pantomime of what someone believes to be a ritual.

Where are the markers of ritual other than chalk on the ground? A dollar and five cents, a cursory viewing of most Hollywood Pagan bashing movies, a calendar showing the phases of the moon and a need to be noticed often combine to create ritualistic looking crime scenes in order to get what it was designed to gain....attention. Sheer ego based instant gratification.

The headline "Gutted, burned goat killed as part of apparent ritual found in Detroit" is what people will remember about this incident. They will associate the words Detroit and ritual and form an opinion about who lives in Southeast Michigan and Metro Detroit. They will link this with those who practice Faiths and Paths that are considered "other". They will recall this pathetic display and the emotions they elicited. And all of us will be the poorer for it, Pagan and nonPagan alike.

Yes, it is true that there are darker places in which some have committed crimes in their practices, but this is an individual aberration. It is unfair, and wickedly irresponsible, to run with what seems to sell papers and air time at the expense of good and decent Pagans in this community. There are Practitioners who have done some morally corrupt acts, violent acts, and some that do indeed embrace the Blood Price, but again, none of them would be so irresponsible and careless. They, too, would never be this STUPID.

Those who sacrifice their humanity for Power through the Red Walk do so not to garner attention, but for Power's sake. They would not go to a parking lot in Detroit in plain view of a major freeway. Nor count as part of their rites, setting a blaze on a carcass, and walking away. This was a ploy for attention and sensationalism.

For those who are interested in what a part of the actual Pagan community is like in Southeastern Michigan, this writer would recommend checking out a recent story on Pagan Pride Day Detroit this year and its accompanying video. It better gives a view into the world of in the view of Pagans. Or contact one of the many organizations in our communities.

For more information about the Satanic Scares of previous decades, please examine the information found in the piece "Cults That Never Were: The Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare (SRAS)". This will give the reader a better feel for the danger that this kind of reactionary assumption can lead to creating. It is unacceptable.

Blessed Be.

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