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Baby girl beaten by stepfather so badly, suffers brain injury and blindness

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Angel Martinez, a 26-year-old man from southeast Houston, beat his two-year-old stepdaughter so badly that the child suffered traumatic brain injury and went blind. The baby’s mother, Nancy Esmeralda Colomo-Gonzalez, witnessed the many instances of her daughter's abuse over time, but did nothing to stop it.

Both parents have been charged by Texas prosecutors, according to a Jan. 16 report from ABC News.

Although Martinez admitted to abusing his stepdaughter previously, things went from bad to worse for two-year-old Yenitze Reyes when her mother had to take her to the emergency room on Dec. 12 with life-threatening head injuries.

During the child’s hospital examination, doctors discovered:

… the girl had suffered a skull fracture, hemorrhaging, non-accidental traumatic brain injury and had gone blind as a result of the injury. Doctors also noticed the girl has been healing from a fracture on her arm, tipping them off that she'd been abused previously.

The stepfather admitted to grabbing and swinging young Yenitze by her arm last Oct., but never took the child to the hospital. He also admitted to shaking her so badly in Sept., that the baby girl “began to have seizures and vomit.” The mother took Yenitze to the hospital following that episode, but lied to hospital officials about what happened at home.

Regarding Yenitze’s Dec. 12 abuse, the stepfather told investigators that he “threw her in the air and didn't catch her on the way down.” The toddler developed a huge bump on her head, which Martinez tried pushing back in, but couldn’t.

The doctors at the hospital have their own account as to how the baby suffered her brain injury.

… her injuries suggest that the girl had been slammed onto a hard surface and someone must have pushed down on her fractured skull to send bone fragments into her brain.

Stepfather Angel Martinez was charged with felony injury to a child.

Young Yenitze‘s mother, Nancy Esmeralda Colomo-Gonzalez, was charged with injury to a child by omission.

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