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Baby giraffe dies in surgery; mother is looking for her baby

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Kyah, the baby giraffe that had to have heart surgery, has died. The six-month-old baby did not survive the procedure. According to an April 9 report by KWTV Channel 9 News in Oklahoma City, the doctors decided to euthanize the baby giraffe during her heart surgery.

The baby giraffe survived the trip to the Oklahoma State School of Veterinary Science in Stillwater from the Oklahoma City Zoo in Oklahoma City. She did well she was given the anesthesia. It was during the operation when things changed for the worst.

The blood vessel that was constricting her esophagus consisted of tissue that was “not healthy” and did not hold “sutures well.” After “exhausting their efforts,” the veterinary team decided it was best to humanely euthanize the baby giraffe.

The heart surgery was the baby giraffe's only chance of survival. According an April 8 report by KWTV Channel 9 News, the extra blood vessel was making it impossible for Kyah to eat. Her mother was trying to wean her and the baby giraffe would have starved to death without the surgery.

Kyah's mother, Ellie, is looking for her baby at the Oklahoma City Zoo. She knows that her baby is no longer there wants to know where she is. Despite that, the Oklahoma Zoo City is attempting to breed Ellie. It is the staff's hope to have another baby giraffe in about 15 months.

Ellie is not alone mourning the loss of the baby giraffe. The Oklahoma City Zoo is also sad to lose her. The team who worked her Kyah on a daily basis was “heartbroken by the news” of the baby giraffe's death. Visitors to the Oklahoma City Zoo have also noticed that the baby giraffe is no longer there.

The surgery that was attempted on the baby giraffe Kyah is believed to the first of its kind. Although it is fairly normal in smaller animals such as dogs, it is not for giraffes. The veterinary team plan to publish their findings. This is due to the fact that they have been unable to find another giraffe with the same condition as the baby giraffe from the Oklahoma City Zoo.



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