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Baby gifts that any new mom will like

Finding the right baby gift can be challenging. The best gifts are ones that are user friendly, unique, or that solve a problem. All of the following gifts fit into one or more of those categories.

Magnificent Baby® sells baby gear with easy-to-use Smart Close magnetic fasteners.
The GoPillow! is a portable pillow and blanket combination.
Stacy B. Walker, II

The wise woman behind Magnificent Baby® came up with the concept for the product line after struggling to put a Velcro bib on her nephew and then seeing him cry from the Velcro ripping out his fine baby hair. After spending two years on research and development, the Magnificent Baby® product line featuring magnetic fasteners was ready to wear. (Watch a video clip to see how the magnetic fasteners work.) The product line includes baby clothing, toddler clothing, and various accessories. Magnificent Baby® focuses on high style, high function, and high comfort.

I See Me! Inc. creates books that celebrate each child. The child's name is spelled out in a personalized story book. The books are unique gifts that can be cherished for a lifetime. I See Me! Inc. even creates books for siblings and twins. Gift sets (books with toys), lunch boxes, placemats, and puzzles can all be personalized. Special occasion items are also available.

The GoPillow! by Simply Necessary, Incorporated is the only wearable breastfeeding pillow with a built-in multipurpose blanket. The GoPillow! was designed with travel in mind. The entire pillow and blanket combination is washable. The GoPillow! uses stretchable elastic bands to secure it onto the user's arm. It makes cradling a baby for both breast and bottle feeding comfortable. For breastfeeding moms that prefer using a nursing cover, the retractable privacy blanket is built-in. It can be used for discreet public breastfeeding. The built-in blanket can also be used to swaddle a baby. Toddlers and older children can use the GoPillow! as a nap mat or a multipurpose activity mat. The GoPillow! was featured in a travel segment on the Today Show and was chosen as a "must-have" product by Pregnancy Magazine. Click to watch a video demonstration.

Steri-bottle® is the single-use bottle that comes out of the packaging ready for immediate use. The bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA free. Moms and gift givers have the choice of 2, 5, or 10 bottles and nipples per box. Steri-bottles are excellent for travel because they're disposable and recyclable. Steri-bottle® is made in the USA, available at Babies R Us and other select stores and online.

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