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Baby Georgia highway: Man saves lone baby crawling on roadside, called a 'hero'

Baby found on Georgia highway, man hailed a hero for saving it
Baby found on Georgia highway, man hailed a hero for saving it
Wikimedia Commons

A baby found on a Georgia highway crawling along all by its lonesome has been saved by man who is being hailed as a hero this week. Bryant Collins said that he was driving along a Madison County highway when he saw a very strange and worrisome sight — a 15-month-old baby girl stranded on the roadside. It is Fox 44 News that shares this Tuesday, June 17, 2014, that the man had a tender bonding moment with the child while waiting with it for almost two hours until police arrived.

The heroic man involved in this baby Georgia highway incident is being given such praise because he had only recently worked to turn his life around and choose what he knows is “right” in life. Having admitted to being involved with illicit drug activities like cocaine in the past, Bryant Collins feels that this was indeed his shining moment.

"I've been in so much trouble. I've been in a lot of bad situations,” Bryant told a national news outlet in a statement this weekend.

While driving home this Friday evening, he quite literally saved a life, as he saw a baby crawling on the roadside of the busy Georgia highway. Collins said that the 15-month-old girl was so small and so close to the busy highway that it could easily have been hit had someone not rescued it. Here is a brief interview of Collins’ description of his actions as a hero:

"When I got out it was a baby almost right here, almost in the highway," Collins said.
(Reporter): “What was your reaction?”
(Collins): “The same as yours would have been, man? 'What the hell is going on? A baby?'”
A 15-month-old baby had crawled through the woods, 300 yards from home.”
(Collins): “I just found a little baby crawling in the street, man...”
(Dispatcher): “There's a baby crawling on the bridge?”
(Collins): “A baby's on the highway.”

USA Today reveals in their additional coverage that shortly afterwards, emergency teams arrived to help secure and save the baby. Law enforcement authorities have since arrested the young girl’s father, Mr. Timothy Pickens, and early reports suggest that the baby’s mother will be taken into police custody as well. After saving the crawling baby of the Georgia highway roadside, Collins then stayed with the child for two hours, letting it listen to Gospel music to help calm it down.

"So the baby started crying then. So I turned my phone on and let the baby listen to some gospel music, and she calmed back down. I know gospel music calms me down,” Collins added.

While the man be a hero today for the little girl, he was a life saver only because he had ultimately been a hero for himself in the past by wanting to make a positive personal change.

"I did ten years in the federal institution for manufacturing cocaine. While I was in prison, I decided I can't come home like I came to prison," Collins told news source, WXIA-TV. "It made me feel good that I could be in society and do good, just as well as you can do pad, you can do good, you know.”

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