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Baby on Georgia highway: Ex-con saves baby Emily Pickens

A baby on a Georgia highway got very lucky when an ex-con named Bryant Collins noticed her and stopped. The 15-month-old had managed to crawl through the woods near her home and was almost onto Highway 72 when she was noticed. 11Alive shared the details about little Emily Pickens frightening adventure.

A baby crawling along a Georgia highway was saved by an observant passerby
Screencap via video

Bryant says that he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes as he was driving by and thankfully the ex-con saved the baby before she could be harmed. He was stunned to discover that she was all on her own right on the edge of the Georgia highway. He called 911 and luckily she had no true injuries.

The baby's father was arrested and officials indicate that it is likely the child's mother will face charges as well. Bryant stayed with the little one for a couple of hours, even playing gospel music on his phone when she started to cry.

Bryant Collins spent 10 years in prison for manufacturing cocaine, but he was serious about turning his life around. He has been out of prison and clean for the past five years. He now works as an auto repairman, which is what put this Good Samaritan right in the path of the baby on the Georgia highway. Collins has been a bit overwhelmed with the attention, he admits, as many are cheering the ex-con who saved the baby.

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