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Baby gear registery must haves


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 Congratulations to all new parents who have taken the time to become well prepared for their bundle of joy. Registering for baby gear items is a fun and challenging tasks and it's best to pack your patience as registering can be overwhelming. Preparing for your little one not only means making sure your house is safety proofed, but also that you have the baby gear must haves in order to ensure their safety.  Below is a simple list of baby gear must haves that every parent should purchase.

Graco Meal Time Highchair; Betsey

1. Car Seats- The law requires that every child from infancy to the age of eight use a car seat. If you are registering for a car seat, its best to think about the long term aspect. Sure your may want to purchase an infant car seat and travel system, but investing in a convertible car seat will give you more bang for your buck, as it grows with your child. Convertible car seats are great baby gear items to buy because the weight limits on most brands are 5lbs through 65lbs.
2. Strollers are perfect for the days parents or caregivers want to get out of the house for awhile and go on a nature walk. Since most infants sleep a lot, it's important to register for a good reclining stroller. 

Graco Pack n Play Tango in the Tongo

3. High chair- your child won't be sitting and eating a meal for a good four months from the time he is born, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't include the high chair on your list of baby gear items. The Graco Meal Time highchair retails for around $80 and has a reclining vinyl seat that makes clean up time easy and fast! This highchair  comes in a variety of colors and grows with your child, as the weight requirements are all the way up to 40lbs!.
4. Play yards are the most convenient and useful baby gear item that parents purchase. Some people refer to them as play pens or portable travel yards, however most stores sell them as play yards. Generally, most play yards are the same and provide a safe play or sleeping environment for your child. If you aren't sure if this baby gear item is needed, please check out the pros of this item. 

 5. Bouncer is a neccessity not to all parents, but if you are one that needs a few minutes to get the laundry or do other items, then buying a bouncer is an easy choice. A baby bouncer  or swing can an inexpensive baby gear item to purchase because of the many brands and makes on the market. You can purchase a very simple one that rocks, plays music and has a few toys in order to entertain your infant. 



For more info: Contact Joy if you have any questions or concerns about baby and toddler gear items .


  • lynn 5 years ago

    very detail article on must have baby gear. they are truly necessary items to have. look forward to your next article.