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Baby gear checklist for new parents

Evenflo infant carrier
Evenflo infant carrier
Car seat infant carrier

So you're about to welcome your new bundle of joy and can't be more excited to hold your little one in your arms and kiss them. You also probably are frantically trying to tie down any lose ends of preparing the nursery, baby proofing the house and all the other last minute details required to make your place a safe haven. But, remembering to pack your overnight bag for the hospital is just as important as making sure you have all the necessary baby gear items purchased. One of the most important baby gear items, you can't leave home without is an infant car seat/carrier. Many hospitals require a caregiver to have the infant car seat available upon discharge so they can demonstrate how to properly buckle your child securely in his or her car seat. Illinois law requires infants to stay rear facing in a secure car seat until the age of 12 months or 20lbs.

A stroller is another important baby gear item to have. Many parents choose to register or buy a travel system stroller that includes a stroller and infant car seat. This option is economically the best for your money and will be used so many times. When registering for a travel system  make sure the stroller is one that is easy to handle, offers a storage basket to place all your child's items in and one that can hold a child up to at least 50lbs.

The play yard is an essential baby gear product to own. A play yard can be considered a portable crib that your child can use for napping and play time. Many play yards include a changing station, a bassinet and learning toys. The play yards on the market are easy to assemble, portable and can hold a child up to 30lbs. Different brands of play yards feature rocking bassinet with pedestal, mirrors, hanging toys and travel easily in two rugged bags. It doesn't matter what bells and whistles come with a play yard as long as it provides a safe secure area for your child to rest, while you get a few minutes of relaxation.

Last on the baby gear checklist is the Boppy pillow. This nursing pillow has been a favorite of new parents for over six years. The plush cotton pillow is perfect for nursing, sitting, play and more! With so many patterned designs for slipcovers and an inexpensive item to have, the Boppy is a new parents best friend.