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'Baby For Sale' true story of Bill Schneider- Lauren Schneider

based on a real case

"Baby For Sale" is a true-story movie based on the case of Bill Schneider and his wife Lauren Schneider. "Baby For Sale" originally aired in 2004 on Lifetime. The names were changed to Steve and Nathalie Johnson in the drama. It stars Dana Delaney and Hart Bochner.

The movie is about a woman who is desperate to have a child of her own. She finally decides that adoption could be an option but is often disappointed when she is not chosen by the pregnant mothers.

She believes that her prayers for a baby have been answered when she receives an email from an attorney with a photo of a beautiful baby from Budapest.

Upon meeting the baby, she falls in love and instantly makes arrangements to adopt. Her hopes are shattered when the man negotiating the adoption suggests that he will place the baby with the highest bidder--that is, the couple who is willing to pay the most money.

Steve and Nathalie instantly refuse to take part in any illegal adoptions. They eventually agree to go undercover to expose the illegal operation.

The real story took place in 1999 in Stillwater, Minn. In that case, Attorney Tamas Kovacs made headlines when it was discovered that he was contacting couples on internet adoption websites and charging high prices to couples willing to pay the most for the babies.

The real baby that was depicted in the baby selling movie was the child of a Hungarian immigrant named Victoria Lanyi.

Victoria Lanyi aka Attilane Torok was arrested in her part in the scheme, according to the New York Daily News.

Bill and Lauren Scneider helped uncover the sting operation that led to those arrests.

The movie was told from their point of view. "Baby For Sale" occasionally airs on Lifetime Movie Network.

This movie is similar to the 2013 Lifetime movie "Baby Sellers" starring Kirstie Alley.

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