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Baby Fever

I have recently become a father. Before she was born I was not sure how my work out routine would be effected. Now that I look back on what I was able to do before, I quickly realize that I have lost my ability to fit in a fitness schedule for myself. First is the timing. My schedule has been work, work and more work. Of course there is time, as I have always said "There is always time for working out," it is whether your spouse and you work a schedule out that works. In the next few articles I will put down my daily routine. Using this almost like a blog but not quite. I want other peoples opinions on this. I want people to interact, better yet I would rather have other people that are recent parents to write what they are doing to stay in shape and just how exactly they are fitting this work out time into there schedules.

My plan is not going to be perfect right away, there will be trial and error but whats the worst that could happen, nothing. So this is my plan.

  1. Be the early riser. I already start my day early, what is an extra hour? Especially when it comes to my health. I love to bike, I like to run, jump, and basically play around to get an aerobic execercise. Some people call it cross country running to put it in a professional manner. I call it just having fun. Any person could go out and run a mile, two miles, even three daily but what is the fun in running in a circle for a few miles. My favorite thing is to find a park where I can jump around on picnic tables, benches, maybe even bring a basketball.
  2. Set personal goals. I can literally hear my old gym coaches and other fitness teachers saying aloud "If you don't use them, you will lose them," my God after a month of no serious working out I can already see my body losing its edge. Who would have guessed that the lack of exercise could dwindle your muscles to a state to where you just don't feel the same. Setting goals for myself will be a great start.
  3. Mental awareness. I have failed myself. Yes I have said it "I have failed myself." There have been thoughts in and out of my head that have been good and bad. I used to be the go getter, the all or nothing person. Not it seems like I have lost my edge. I need to start living up to my own expectations. Being mentally prepared will get me going.

My first goal is to be the earlier riser. I say this because at this point in my life I need sleep of course but with my schedule at work I can still afford to set a schedule to where I wake up very early, work out, eat, work, eat, sleep. Of course there will be the time I am with my baby. There will be dinners and all sorts of things but the key to this is to wake up each morning to get the schedule set.

  1. Wake up at 6:00 a.m.

My second goal is setting personal goals. I will tell you I am not looking to lost weight. Atleast not yet. Rightnow I am only looking for a good daily diet for good nuitritional value. Along with saying that I am also looking for a work out schedule that will work around family, work, and other obligations. A whole lot tougher than it seems.

2. Research what will work best for my body for the work load that I will be taking on, find a gym where I can start my fitness training. I am 160lbs, I want to eliminate body fat to at least 10%.

My last and to me the most important Mental awareness. I want to know I can accomplish the things that I am placing down on paper and in the articles to followw. I know not a lot of people are following this page but when they do they will look back on this first article and see just where I am coming from.

3. My anxiety levels have more than doubled with having our baby girl. I have been working a lot lately just like every other person to afford a lot. To reach my goals I will start to meditate every day starting at ten minutes, I will also quick alcohol for a month. Maybe even forever. I feel like when I have had a long long day at work I use alcohol to soothe my aching muscles. This is me stopping.

I hope you have enjoyed this quirky article. For what it is worth I do enjoy writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it just the same.

sincerely, Robert

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