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Baby expected to die is now alive & facing 11th surgery, Parents plea for help

Brielle, the most love little golden glove fighter we know!
Brielle, the most love little golden glove fighter we know!
Blessings for Brielle Facebook

According to the Blessings for Brielle Facebook page on March 28,2014 Baby Brielle is about to face her 11th surgery.

You can learn more about Brielle's story at this link: 1lb 6oz Brielle was never expected to make it: Her parents refused to give up

Admin Jenn just posted on Brielle's facebook page that : "I have a request for Brielle's prayer warriors. Is there anyone who is willing/able to help Brielle's parents in their time of need. Brielle's daddy still didn't get his car fixed due to the ($1650), and they aren't sure which date she is getting surgery Monday, or Tuesday.

I was hoping there was someone able to help them get there via train Monday & Tuesday just incase the take her either day they will be there. They're hoping to sleep there but with how expensive the food is at the hospital and plus the $28 for the train they're a little worried. If anyone is please willing to help them can do so at & please no negative comments.

We're just trying to make it possible for mommy and daddy to be there for Brielle on both days, because she is an "add on" to the o.r she could go either day, and at any time! And also, everyone PLEASE keep Brielle and family in your prayers while they go through surgery number #11, but if you think about all they have to do, it's like 4 surgeries in one, and expected to be a long procedure."

Brielle's mother,Brittany Pincura, said: "We live over an hour away from Brielle and having our first born precious miracle so far away is very hard. We are not old enough to be accepted into the Ronald McDonald house.

You must be 21. Our social worker has done all that she can. She is an amazing woman and great at her job. We need to spend every waking minute with our Brielle. As of lately, being out of work to watch her grow I have fallen behind on bills. I never realized how expensive hospital bills,parking and eating hospital food could be.

Any little bit helps. We are not expecting a million dollars and we will be greatful for anything anyone can spare. There is no such thing as a little donation. Thank you for just reading our story. We hope we have inspired you to help a needy family in a very exhausting and heart breaking time of our lives."

You can click here to donate to Brielle and her family on the everRibbon fundraising page set up for the family. Many of you know that the family encounterd an issue with raising funds throug "identity theft" and those who do not can read about it here: Woman Photoshops herself in preemie pics for donations: Even fools husband.

It is imperative that the family get hte help that they need to be there for their baby. Of course anyone questioning the authenticity of the situation can contact the mother and possibly the hospital for verification.

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