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"Baby Don", AKA Aiden Pierce, finally goes home.


Looking at the smiling face of Aiden Pierce, one must wonder what might have been.  He could have been a throw away baby with a deformed face that did not permit him to thrive.  He might have been just another unwanted child.  But, that was not to be the situation for this baby boy that was once known as Baby Don.
An excited mother and father went to the hospital on April 12 for their new son.  There was no rush to the hospital on that day by an expectant mom and excited dad.  The true story about Brian and Lara’s journey to get their son was just as exciting.  Because after almost five months of a journey of transition, Aiden Pierce was about to embark upon a new stage of life.  He took the trip that all new babies should take.  He was on his way home for good.
When asked for a statement of how this loving couple was feeling as they drove to the hospital, Lara exclaimed, “I am just so excited!”
Well, the statement was obvious, but also profound.  It is exciting when a baby comes home.  It will be exciting when big sister Emma begins to hover over her baby brother, as most new older siblings will do.  Excitement will fill this new home, refuge of love, as the extended family begins its trek of love to cover Aiden with great affection.
This small family has gained a son.  The larger family has grown by one.  There is one less little one who had a chance to be thrown to the curb.
Our culture enjoys and supports adoption.  But, it is the perfect baby with no health problems and the proper complexion.  There are too many unwanted pregnancies and babies that should be turned into success stories as Aiden Pierce was.
You see, on April 12, 2010 Baby Don became a true name of the past, to be remembered as what was and not what could have been.  One can only wish that this smiling baby could tell us of what he is feeling now.  You can bet it is the simple feeling of security in being loved and wanted.  That is what that smile is about.


  • Drew Denny - National Paddle Sports Examiner 5 years ago

    Not sure what category this falls under, but a very heartwarming story nonetheless.

  • Scott Knutson 5 years ago

    A nice story.

  • Brandy 5 years ago

    Just beautiful...

  • Kristi DeFalco - Durham Easy Meals Examiner 5 years ago

    A beautiful ending to what might have been. Great story.

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