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Baby dies while sleeping in car seat

Car seats for children should be used for vehicle travel only.
Car seats for children should be used for vehicle travel only.
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There is no tragedy bigger than losing your child, some may say. Unfortunately for parents in Utah of a 1-year old child, that is something they have to face now. 15-month-old Devon Justine Greer was under the care of a neighbor and was left sleeping in her car seat and was taken into the home but not removed from the car seat itself.

A short time later it was noticed that the child was not breathing and 911 was called. Paramedics performed CPR for over an hour but efforts were unsuccessful. This is not the first time that this type of accident has happened. According to a study performed between July 1999 and December of 2000, 43 infants were referred for medical care due to emergency distress while strapped into car seats.

While young infants and children need to be restrained properly in a moving vehicle, it is highly recommended that car seats are for that purpose only, for vehicles. They are not designed for sleeping, napping, feeding or otherwise. Prolonged use of a car seat can not only hinder the skull development of a baby, due to the flat back, but also restrict breathing passageways.

Please follow all manufacturers' guidelines when using any type of carrier, restraint, toy or other product when it comes to yours and other children in your care.

For more information about child vehicle restraints, visit: Child Safety Transport Canada, or Child Safe Canada