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Baby Delano case: Search for missing baby intensifies

Where is this missing infant?
Where is this missing infant?
Provided to the media; Delano Wilson

The search for missing baby Delano Wilson has intensified, and this Friday news report shares that it has also taken a gruesome turn. Police are reportedly "scouring" an underground water tank in a wooded area near where the baby was allegedly snatched. This indicates that police either fear the infant has fallen victim to foul play, or they are simply eliminating the possibility. So far nothing has been found in the search -- or at least, no reports are sharing any updates about the search of the tank. Meanwhile, the family of the missing infant have put up a reward in the amount of $10,000 for any information leading to the child's whereabouts.

An Amber Alert was issued for the six-week-old infant two days ago when the father told police that a man and woman attempted to rob him. The father of the missing infant told authorities that the couple attacked him and took the baby from him in broad daylight before fleeing in a blue Ford Taurus. It should be noted that the father Willie Wilson has been arrested on unrelated charges, but this is usually a telling development in cases of missing children.

The alleged kidnapping of the Indianapolis infant shares similarities with a lot of other cases of missing children. One case that comes to mind is the disappearance of Bianca Jones. Her father told police that he was carjacked with the child in the car with him. In the end, Bianca Jones's father was convicted of killing her after the evidence proved that he beat her to death and then faked her kidnapping to evade facing responsibility for it. Another child was kidnapped in a similar fashion named Daphne Viola. She's never been found, but her father claims that she was kidnapped from his parked SUV while he was in the store.

Will the search for baby Delano Wilson end positively?