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Baby cord blood samples sent to military DNA database without consent to be destroyed

Wikimedia Commons

The Texas Department of State Health Services sent about 800 samples of baby blood to the U.S. military for testing without parental consent. The purpose of this study was to set up a national DNA data base for research on ethnic or ancestral mitochondrial markers which would identify unknown corpses or missing persons.

The Texas Civil Rights project discovered this practice in December and filed a lawsuit to have the samples destroyed or get consent from the parents to use their baby's blood in this manner.

Current law requires medical professionals to inform parents or guardians that blood samples can be collected and used for research. Parents who object can send a statement to the state health department, and their child’s samples will have to be destroyed within 60 days. If the parents do not do that, the child can object upon reaching adulthood.

The blood samples are stored at Texas A&M University’s School of Rural Public Health. According to the American-Statesman, "last year, when stories in the American-Statesman brought the practice to light, the state health department and some medical researchers defended it, saying that collecting the blood spots on paper - done when newborns are screened for various health disorders - might one day provide valuable clues about childhood cancer and other diseases. They said that because the samples were coded and did not identify the babies by name, privacy rights were protected."


  • Karen V 5 years ago

    What gets me, is that in the Sioux City Journal the statement was made "While blood spots are stripped of identifying information before being handed over to scientists..." Well, I do not understand how the army or scientists or anyone can use the DNA as a means of using as "ancestral mitochondrial markers which would identify unknown corpses or missing persons" if they do not know who's blood they are looking at? I fear, no good is intended from taking the blood of new born babies.

    What if someone in power got a hold of all these samples and decided to do away with certain families, peoples, those with same genetic makeup, or of any particular mixture of blood pertaining to any ethnic or race?

    Here's another thought, another quote, "No matter how a cell is obtained, it contains the DNA of the person & thus contains all of the information required to produce a duplicate or cloned person. Then they can clone your baby And for making body parts after killing cloned baby's pre-emb

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