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'Baby booty bump' video goes viral

A video on YouTube called "Baby booty bump" is going viral, even though what it shows looks awful. At first.

Baby booty bump video goes viral
Summer Knowlden @YouTube

In the video, published to YouTube on April 28, dancing mom Summer Knowlden·decides to practice a few moves before sending a video clip into a contest for, appropriately enough, dancing moms. Her husband mans the camera as mom warms up and it's obvious Knowlden is dedicated to doing her best.

In the start of the short clip, the dancing mom cuts a rug (literally) in the living room as her hubby films away. That's when things go horribly wrong. Knowlden's baby daughter (who, so far, shall remain nameless) decides to get in on the act and join mommy for a little romp around the room.

Too bad mommy's booty has other ideas. The child gets bonked pretty good in the head and is knocked to the floor. Dad rushes in from behind the camera and Knowlden turns to make sure her daughter's okay, but, when it's obvious she's fine, the dancing mom can't help but laugh at the whole thing, which turned out to be perfectly, hilariously harmless.

CBS affiliate WTVR covered the story, noting that Knowlden has "uploaded this video to YouTube, sent it to The Ellen Degeneres Show, and submitted it to America’s Funniest Videos." And FOXKC followed up, reporting that "the baby is fine."

Dancing mom Summer Knowlden may not have won the contest she originally entered, but the result was still this refreshingly, spontaneously caught bit of fun in which, thankfully, no one was hurt.

The video is getting lots of hits on YouTube, but it's going viral on Facebook as well, where lots of watchers are chiming in and commenting on the wholesome clip. It just goes to show why having a video camera ready, at even the most seemingly mundane moments, is one of the best things about sharing on the web.

Click the video to see what everyone is buzzing about.

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