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Baby boomers proactive about aging well

Aging well is a priority for the baby boomer generation. Boomers who are proactive about the aging process stand a good chance of aging well. Their progressive approach focuses on exercise, mental fitness, nutritious eating, socializing, an active lifestyle and overall wellness. The secret to aging well is healthy living.

But a baby boomer’s emotional health is just as important in the aging process. Boomers with a positive attitude, self-contentment and a strong social network tend to be energized and more engaged in life. Those who stay healthy, socially active and have a purpose in life are likely to age well.

One of the most important aspects of healthy aging is social interaction. A social network of good friends, colleagues and neighbors enhances your health as you age. Boomers who socialize stay involved in activities.

Social connections are good for your overall wellness. Harvard Medical School has found that social ties are associated with lower blood pressure and longer life expectancies. Socializing helps protect against the negative impacts of aging.

Exercise is essential to aging well. Baby boomers, already dubbed the fitness generation, should focus on physical fitness and get regular exercise. Today, many boomers combine exercise, fitness, social interaction and camaraderie, choosing fitness programs that blend exercise and socialization to promote healthy aging.

A healthy diet is also important. Baby boomers should concentrate on nutrition, eating balanced meals and maintaining a healthy weight. Healthy diets, including plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish several times a week, help give your body the important nutrients it needs to age well.

Finally, brain health is key to aging well. Boomers should also keep their brains stimulated by reading newspapers, books and magazines, attending events and joining discussion groups. Doing new things and doing them with other people strengthens your mental acumen and keeps your brain fit. Boomers who actively use their brains make them healthier, which makes the overall aging process healthier.

A baby boomers’ physical and emotional wellness is vital for healthy aging. Other key factors which promote healthy aging include:

  • getting regular exercise;
  • managing stress;
  • getting enough sleep;
  • avoiding smoking;
  • being happy;
  • laughing; and
  • counting your blessings.

Proactive boomers dramatically increase their odds of staying young and healthy and maintaining a high quality lifestyle as they grow older. Healthy living is the secret to aging well.

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