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Baby boomers combat loneliness

Many baby boomers are lonely. Loneliness can lead to depression, alcohol abuse, insomnia and apathy. So, lonely boomers need to be proactive, find ways to engage in new activities and socialize with other people. But where do they go to find these activities, meet new friends, and yes, even a new love in their life?

First, baby boomers must tackle their loneliness, for their own well-being and self-worth. A positive attitude can make a big difference and one of the best things they can do is get out of the house. There are an array of activities that can help lonely boomers, especially retirees, stay busy and socialize.

Exercising is a great way to combat loneliness and meet new people. Many boomers join a health club or exercise program, get physically fit and find new friends. Other boomers take up a new hobby, sign up for an educational class, join a book club or learn a new craft.

Some adopt a pet. They get a loyal and loving companion and a new sense of purpose in life by taking care of and being responsible for their pet. Others find spiritual resolve in church or by joining a club or support group. Reconnecting with neighbors is also a great way to gain new friends.

Many boomers combat loneliness by volunteering with charitable and community groups. They do everything from helping out at homeless shelters and food banks to donating their professional skills to non-profit organizations. As volunteers, they:

  • give back to their communities;
  • gain personal satisfaction;
  • renew their spirit;
  • connect with other people;
  • and make a difference in society.

In addition to new activities, lonely boomers need to develop a social network of friends. They need to go out and meet new people. But where do they go?

One of the best ways is to participate in group activities. But they can also meet new people by volunteering, traveling, joining clubs and going back to school. Many become involved community and charitable activities and events. Group activities bring people together and give them the opportunity to get to know one another.

Boomers specifically interested in finding a new love in their life can also turn to the internet. Today, internet dating and social media sites are popular matchmaking tools and there are a host of dating sites catering to boomers, like Babyboomerpeoplemeet and

Lonely baby boomers have a wealth of opportunities to become involved in their community and engaged in group activities to meet new people and socialize. Boomers can combat loneliness by being proactive and pursuing these opportunities. They might meet that someone special, too!


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