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Baby boomers already confronting health issues

As baby boomers hit their sixties, many are confronting health problems. While some are minor, others are far more serious. As a generation, baby boomers are committed to staying young and healthy through physical exercise, mental fitness activities, a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle. Yet, many boomers are now confronting critical health issues including chronic diseases.

Surprisingly, despite the baby boomer generation’s obsession with staying fit, many boomers are not as healthy as their parents were at the same age. AARP reports boomers are heavier and pop far more pills than their parents’ generation. Although baby boomers are projected to have a longer life expectancy than their parents, in reality they are aging faster physically and contracting chronic diseases at a much younger age.

According to, many baby boomers in this country suffer from a high rate of chronic diseases, obesity-related diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and more disabilities than their parents at the same age. ‘Thirty-nine percent of baby boomers are obese.’

Obviously, not all baby boomers are exercising and eating right, even though it seems to be the generation’s mantra. Moreover, many baby boomers still smoke, which leads to a host of health problems. Other major baby boomer health issues include sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV, Hepatitis C and arthritis.

There is also a relatively new boomer ailment which orthopedic doctors have dubbed ‘Boomeritis.’ This condition consists of a high rate of tendinitis, arthritis, tears and fractures suffered by baby boomers, according to Most of these injuries are acquired through rigorous exercise and result in boomer visits to the ER, doctors' offices and sports medicine clinics.

While many boomers are health conscious, physically fit and active, other boomers need to focus more on their overall health and wellness. There are a number of things boomers can do to stay healthy:

  • eat right, which means balanced, healthy meals including a number of fruits and vegetables;
  • maintain a healthy weight;
  • exercise regularly in some fashion, even if it means taking a walk every day;
  • focus on mental exercises and brain fitness; and
  • socialize and stay active.

The health problems some boomers are encountering in their early sixties should serve as a wakeup call for all baby boomers. The generation that has dedicated itself to physical fitness and staying young needs to stick to its mantra of exercising, maintaining a nutritious diet and remaining active to lessen the chance of confronting health problems and chronic diseases as they grow older.

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