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Baby boomer dog walkers recruited as Citizens on Patrol

Baby boomer dog walkers, along with their faith canine companions, are now fighting crime as volunteers for a unique crime prevention effort in Baltimore County. Towson Area Citizens on Patrol (TACOP) has launched Dog Walker Watch and is recruiting baby boomer dog walkers to serve as ‘extra sets of eyes and ears’ for the Baltimore County police. Dog owners, along with their pets, will now fight crime as they routinely walk their dog in their neighborhood.

There are a large number of baby boomer dog owners in the Towson area and many have more than one dog. Boomers have more pets than any other age group and are behind the surge in this country’s pet ownership across the last 50 years. Harris Interactive reports 74 percent of baby boomers own at least one dog. In Baltimore County, many of these boomers are now volunteering to fight crime as dog walkers.

Dog walkers are a valuable crime prevention resource. They are out with their dogs at all hours of the day and evening, in all types of weather. While they walk their dog, owners observe activity in the neighborhood, know the routine of most of their neighbors and usually know when a neighbor is away. Dog walkers will notice if anything is wrong or if something looks out of place. As part of Dog Walker Watch, they carry their cell phone with them and call 911when they see something suspicious. They do not become involved or intervene in any way.

The new Dog Walker Watch will enhance TACOP’s crime fighting efforts in the Towson community. Working in partnership with the Baltimore County Police, TACOP volunteers, including many baby boomers, patrol the streets of downtown Towson and its 25 surrounding neighborhoods, monitor criminal activity and call 911 when they observe something suspicious. Dog Walker Watch will expand these crime prevention efforts.

TACOP’s many baby boomer volunteers help show that crime prevention is a community effort. TACOP is a 501c3 organization founded in 2000 to help Towson Area neighborhoods start COP Programs. TACOP is solely supported by donations from the public.

Baby boomers and their canine companions in the greater Towson community interested in volunteering for Dog Walker Watch may volunteer at TACOP.

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