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Baby bibs are a sewing service project

Baby bibs are a beginning sewing project that can be used as a service project.
Baby bibs are a beginning sewing project that can be used as a service project.
Paula Hrbacek

Girl Scouts and other youth groups sometimes perform service projects to earn their awards. One suggestion is to make baby items for an outreach program like Alpha Center. Alpha Center is a nondenominational effort in Pensacola to provide free services and counseling to women who have chosen not to have an abortion. Keeping a baby, or putting it up for adoption, is a brave choice. Alpha Center helps these women with a variety of services. One of the services is distributing baby items that have been donated.

When my daughter was working on her Gold award in Girl Scouts, her service project was to make six baby quilts from scraps of fabric. We had a quilting bee to put together the tops she made herself.

Bibs are another easy sewing project that can be made for a project like this. Most patterns for baby clothing have a bib pattern included. If you don’t have a pattern, just trace around a purchased one and add a seam allowance.

The pattern for the pictured bibs is an 8 1/2 x 13 inch rectangle. Fold the paper in fourths and round off the four corners. Find the center of the top edge. Measure 4 ½ inches down from the top center mark, and draw a straight line at a right angle to the top. Use the bottom of the line for the center of a 3 ½ inch wide circle. Cut down the center line and around the circle to make the neck opening and flaps.

Cut two pieces of fabric using this pattern. Embroider or decorate one of the pieces if desired. This is a great way to use up scraps of lace, rick rack and ribbon.

Cut a one inch piece of Velcro, and pull it apart. Put one piece on the top right flap, and the other on the bottom left flap, on the right side of the fabric. Pin in place. Zig zag around the edges of each piece.

Place the bib pieces right sides together. Using a ¼ inch seam allowance, begin sewing on the bottom of the bib, all around the edge, leaving the center of the bottom seam open for turning. Clip the curve, which means to cut tiny triangles from the edge to about 1/8 inch from the sewing so that the circumference of the arcs and circles will be equal to the line of stitching when the bib is turned right side out. Turn the bib right side out. Iron the seams. Use a blind stitch to close up the opening, or make a line of top stitching all around the edge to hold it shut.

Alpha Center is located at 6004 Pernella Road in Pensacola FL. For information about their current needs, call 479-4391.

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