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Baby and toddler product of the week: Cloud B Twilight Sea Turtle

  Twilight Sea Turtle by Cloud B

The product of the week is a new feature of the National Baby and Toddler Examiner column.  Based on a variable three-part test, the product of the week is a baby or toddler product fit to impress parents and grandparents.

This week's trifecta is based on the product's outstanding: 1) design; 2) educational features; and 3)  bedtime success.

Twilight Sea Turtle

Remember those summer nights lying on your back looking up at the star-filled sky?  Nothing brings peace and wonderment as much as gazing up at the twinkling lights, millions of miles away.  Imagine your child having that experience every night before falling asleep. 

If there was ever a bedtime friend with the popularity of a celebrity in your house, this is it.  Your kids will love this sleepy turtle and its comforting nighttime glow so much you will end up getting one for each of them.  If you have a bedtime protest happening every night, this is the sure-fire way to get your little ones to be happy and willing to go to bed.

The trifecta:

  1. Design - with its soft legs, head and underbelly, this little guy is as cozy as he is a delight.  The shell is plastic and lightweight so the turtle is nice to cuddle and hold.  There are three buttons that are easy for little fingers to change the lights and colors.  The lights shine stars and a crescent moon overhead in three different colors:  blue, green and aquamarine.  While the stars light up the sky, the turtle's shell casts a cool, soft glow like a night light.  On a self-timer, the lights shut off after 45 minutes.  The best part is that moms and dads will be as mesmerized by the Twilight Sea Turtle as their little ones, making bedtime fun, soothing and comforting for all.
  2. Educational features - not only does this smart sea turtle shine a glorious star-scape overhead, but there are three constellations you and your kids can point to and learn about.  There are also five different sea creatures portrayed on the turtle's shell that light up as you push the button.  Kids love getting to know these fun sea friends and learning their names.
  3. Bedtime success - Cloud B products are specifically designed to help children and babies sleep better.  The company has The Sleep Center with an Advisory Board who's sole task is to provide resources to parents for learning how to help baby sleep easier and safer.  When my twenty month-old toddler became fixated on stressful bedtime rebellion, I was desperate for something to help after months of very difficult nights.  Santa gave him his Twilight Sea Turtle and from the very first night bedtime has been easy and pleasant for all of us.  The kicking, screaming and crying in protest has been replaced by quiet, cozy star gazing.  A mom can't ask for more than that.

Learn more about the Twilight Sea Turtle and other great products at Cloud B.

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  • Debi 5 years ago

    I think I might want one!
    Great write up!

  • RenaF 5 years ago

    Awesome sea turtle....I think I want one too!

    Another great article. Thank you!

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