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Baby and Toddler product of the week: Camilia Teething Relief


The product of the week is a favorite feature of the National Baby and Toddler Examiner column.  Based on a variable three-part test, the product of the week is a baby or toddler product fit to impress parents and grandparents.

This week's trifecta is based on the product's outstanding: 1) health and wellness; 2) ease of use; and 3)  effectiveness.

Camilia Teething Relief

When your baby is irritable and exhausted from teething, you will do just about anything to help ease her misery.  There are many tried and true methods and remedies for teething out there, but nothing has been as effective in giving my babies relief from teething as Camilia by Boiron. 

The trifecta:

  1. Health and wellness - Camilia does not just treat gum and tooth pain.  It is made from a combination of three active ingredients that treat several symptoms associated with teething, including minor digestive orders, irritability, and inflamed, painful gums.  Its three homeopathic medicines - Chamomilla (German Chamomile), Phytolacca decandra (Poke) and Rheum officinale (Chinese rhubarb) - are safe and have no known side effects.  Read more about these medicines and their homeopathic actions in the Camilia Monograph.
  2. Ease of use - each pre-measured dose comes in a small capsule.  Just twist it open and squeeze the tasteless liquid into baby's mouth.  There is no risk of choking on tablets or having to jam your fingers in baby's mouth.  It literally takes seconds to administer and baby will feel almost instant relief.
  3. Effectiveness - once you try Camilia, you will wish you had tried it sooner.  When in the throes of heart-wrenching, sleepless nights with my teething baby, I found Camilia to be our savior.  Camilia is fast-acting, providing almost instant relief and calmness for a fussy, irritable baby.  Since it is a homeopathic remedy, there is no danger of overdose and baby can have a dose every 15 minutes if necessary.  It really works - like a charm.

Camilia may be purchased in most natural foods stores and other retailers.  Visit HERE to find a store near you.  Learn more about Camilia and other Boiron products at

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