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Baby accused of planning a murder

A baby has been accused of planning a murder.
A baby has been accused of planning a murder.
David Scott/flickr

A nine-month-old boy has been accused of planning a murder. Baby Muhammad Mosa Khan is one of more than 30 people faces those charges. According to an April 4 report by the BBC, bail has been set for the baby, but the amount is unknown.

The baby appeared in court, holding a bottle. His father, who has also been accused of planning a murder, held his baby son. According to his father, the group was protesting an electricity shortage in Pakistan.

The police in Pakistan said that the baby and the others tried to kill them during a raid. The police were trying to catch people stealing gas in the city of Lahore. The police accused the men and the baby of throwing stones at them.

The assistant superintendent that filed charges against the nine-month-old baby has been suspended. Despite that, there was no information, at the time of publication, that the charges had been dropped against the infant.

The baby was granted bail. The case against him has been adjourned until April 12.