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Babies found dead: 7 newborn bodies found in Utah garage, mom charged in deaths

Police were called to a Utah home were the bodies of seven babies were found in cardboard boxes in the garage. All the babies were believed to have been born alive and killed shortly after birth by their mother, Megan Huntsman. This gruesome discovery was made by Huntsman’s ex-husband while he was cleaning out the garage of the family home. He called the police to the home after discovering the remains of these babies.

Megan Huntsman arrested after seven newborns found dead in cardboard boxes in garage. All babies are believed to be hers.
Pleasant Grove Police Department

According to The Washington Post on April 14, Huntsman is believed to have given birth to these babies between 1996 and 2006, then killing them shortly after birth. She stored each of the dead bodies of the babies in cardboard boxes in the garage. The father of the babies is believed to be Huntsman’s ex-husband, Darren West, but he is not charged in these deaths. Police do not believe that West knew of these pregnancies. They will do DNA testing to confirm the paternity of the deceased newborns, report the police.

Megan Huntsman, 39, is charged with six counts of murder when she was booked into the Utah County Jail on Sunday. It is not clear why there are only six counts of murder when seven babies were discovered dead. It could be one of the babies died from natural causes. reports today that police are desperately seeking answers as to how such a tragedy can take place over a decade without a soul noticing. Police would not comment on a motive for Huntsman allegedly killing her newborn babies and then storing their bodies in cardboard boxes in the garage.

Huntsman had moved out of the house a few years ago leaving her three daughters living in the house on their own. It is unclear as to where Huntsman is living. The girls' father was at the home cleaning out the garage, he was getting ready to move back into the house this summer.

Neighbors are shocked, as they knew Huntsman and thought of her as a nice and stable woman. One neighbor said that Huntsman used to babysit for some of the neighbors' grandchildren. Other neighbors are asking how Huntsman’s grown daughters living in the house didn’t notice that there were seven bodies of infants in the garage.

In hindsight neighbors said they remembered how Huntsman gained weight and then lost it periodically, but they never surmised that she was pregnant. Huntsman has one teenage daughter and two young adult daughters living in the house. West, the girls' father, was getting ready to move back home with them. This grisly find has tainted the homecoming for this family.

Update: Fox News live reports on Monday morning that the mother was charged with only six of these babies deaths as one was a stillborn birth. Megan Huntsman has admitted to either strangling or suffocating the babies shortly after they were born.

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