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Babies and Shapes

You can make your own colorful crafts and show baby several shapes/ Get books at the Wilkes Public Library for your baby. You can show them ebooks on Kindle too . You can check out : . If you have an iPhone you can get educational apps that will help them learn their shapes. You can preview the app at : .

According to a research study babies can grasp shapes. They state : "By 5.5 months, they begin to individuate objects, but they don't bind specific features to those objects, she notes. This occurrence, she explains, is similar to the way a person passes a wreck while driving and sometimes can recall the number of automobiles involved but not the color and models of those automobiles.

Though they first show the ability to start individuating objects at 5.5 months, babies don't bind specific features to objects until 7.5 months, Wilcox explains. At this time, they also begin using patterns in their mental representations of objects, and at 11.5 months, color becomes important to them in this process."

You can try also fun activities to get them exploring shapes. Check out suggestions from Play Create Explore at: . You can do fun things with Shapes and get them learning daily.

You can get tons of books on shapes at the Wilkes Public Library.

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