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Babette Epaulette: Beautiful Armor

A piece from the "Harlots & Scarlets" collection.
A piece from the "Harlots & Scarlets" collection.

There's something striking about the idea of a beautiful woman, armed and ready for a medieval battle - is there not? Red lips, a steely sword, Ricardo Tisci shoes, and a taste for blood?

Okay, maybe not the last part, but without it the idea is kind of intriguing - in both an aesthetic and figurative way.

Enter Babette Epaulette, aka Seville Michelle Anasots, designer of the accessory line. She has taken the beauty of the military jacket, combined it with actual military ideas (plus a dash of gorgeous jewelry) and the result is an eye-catching accessory that makes so much sense in every way.

Anasots has divided her idea into three separate collections: Harlots & Scarlets (pictured), Tattoos & Stilettos, and Cigarettes & Eyeliner - seemingly named for some more common forms of "armor" favored by women.

Some may look at these admittedly avant garde statement pieces and wonder "how, exactly, am I supposed to wear that and get away with it?" Surprisingly, these pieces seem to blend seamlessly into edgier styles - they encourage you to wear them over bare shoulders, cardigans, jackets, and - well - whatever else you've got, really.

The line sells at around $150/piece, and is now available on Babette Epaulette's online store.