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Babes in Play: Space Has Many Stars, but One Princess to Rule Them All: Rosalina

Rosalina has basically become the mother of all Mario princesses...
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It's hard to believe that a simple game about two plumbers rescuing a princess in a kingdom of mushrooms and dinosaurs could evolve so much in a few decades, and yet not one other game can continuously capture the imagination and fun of true gamers like the Mario Bros. have. Expanding into cartoons, countless merchandise, and even a movie, (much as we'd rather forget that one) one would think the sky was the limit for Mario and Luigi. But in 2007, the sky wasn't enough...a masterpiece of the Nintendo Wii came taking Mario to boldly go where no plumber had gone before to the farthest reaches of the cosmos with Super Mario Galaxy. Taking everything Nintendo learned from Super Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine, Galaxy changed the way people of all ages played Mario games. But all the while, even with Princess Peach captured once again by Bowser, Mario and gamers weren't alone. There came a new princess to herald and guide Mario to the farthest regions of previously unexplored planets and systems, one who not only had a gentle spirit but a sad tale in tow. If you wanted a new kind of princess to look up to, you can't look any higher than up to space, she is Princess Rosalina.

When Rosalina was introduced in Mario Galaxy, she came forth in need of Mario's aid. When Bowser captured Peach, he attacked her home base the Comet Observatory, rendering her unable to reach the center of the universe where Bowser is based. So Rosalina entrusted Mario with the quest of collecting enough Power Stars around the galaxy to recharge her station and bring justice to Bowser and save Princess Peach once more. During the course of Mario's adventure however, Rosalina recounts her past story in the Observatory's library where she came to meet the Lumas, the spacial beings that accompany her and Mario throughout the game. As it turns out, Rosalina was once a normal girl who went to space to help a stray Luma find its' parents. But Rosalina was distraught for doing so because she had lost her own parents previously and was feeling very isolated. In good time though, she ending up being a mother herself to all the Lumas that she befriended and founded the Comet Observatory.

Once the final battle came around and Bowser was defeated, his fortress becomes a black hole that nearly swallows everyone and everything whole before Rosalina has all her Lumas throw themselves in to repel it. Afterwards, Rosalina explains to Mario the process of stars becoming reborn into new galaxies, and thanks Mario for his help before returning to space, promising to watch over him. Following that, Rosalina appears at the end of Mario Galaxy 2 when Mario returns a lost Luma to her who had been separated thanks to another attack from Bowser. So taking all that into account, what exactly makes Rosalina a great character in the Mario series?

For one thing at present course, unlike Peach and Daisy, Rosalina stands as the only princess to never be captured by Bowser. She could possibly be the most powerful being in the universe that is incapable of being controlled or contained. Either that or Bowser hasn't tried hard enough yet. But Rosalina also has a very profound look and demeanor that separates her from the other Princesses. She's shown to be very graceful and motherly over her kingdom, even with her sad past. Furthermore, she's also very capable of handling herself as she came forth as a playable character in recent Mario Kart titles and recently came forth to do her part in battling Bowser's minions in the highly acclaimed Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. So not only does she have beauty and tenderness, she's very brave and even competitive to balance it all out.

It's clear that Rosalina has garnered a following both from fans and Nintendo as a whole, especially when she and her Lumas will be stepping into the highly anticipated fourth installment of the Smash Bros. games for Wii U and 3DS. It could very well be shaping up to be the "Year of Rosalina" at the rate she's going. She may not have a long-storied history as Mario, Peach, and Bowser have, but she undoubtedly has become the most welcome addition to the universe that only Mario can produce. With as many video game babes out there as there are stars, none will probably shine as bright as Rosalina does.

This is Greg P., examining video game babes for you and me.

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