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Babes in Play: She Could Hack Most Computers, but Not Her Soul: Clara Lille

Even with only one appearance, Clara's hacking skills weren't the only thing that made her a strong woman.
Used with permission from Julia Lee-Grill at

Ever since E3 2012, one of the hottest topics to come from the event that year during Ubisoft's press conference was the unveiling of their newest IP game, Watch_Dogs. An open-world gaming experience where players were given the unique ability to use computer hacks with everything around them to their advantage in a computer security-centralized version of Chicago, Illinois. Anything that was electronic could either be put to use or shut down completely at the push of a button, and it got immediate hype from gamers. Zip forward to today, the game is currently breaking record sales with every platform it is available on and receiving a generally positive reception across the board. Among a very varied cast of thugs and hackers, there is a rather pretty face among those who take the law into their own hands. Even though she has a spotted record, her story is one that has to be heard to be believed and remembered going forward. So lay down your firewalls and hear the tale of the elite hacker Clara Lille.

Clara comes from an underground hacking group known as "DedSec," who were opposed of the implementation of the "ctOS" system into Chicago and are on a crusade to show how corrupt it can get. The main character of Watch_Dogs, Aiden Pearce, is a "grey hat" hacker out on a mission to find out who ordered a hit on him and his former partner Damien Brenks following an inside heist that ultimately cost his niece her life. In doing so, Aiden turns to Clara (disguising herself under a voice modifier and the alias "BadBoy17") to acquire the same hacking abilities DedSec has for leverage in his investigation. When Clara reveals herself personally to Aiden, there is some slight trust issues at first, but in time Aiden grows to trust her. She lends a major hand in guiding Aiden through his mission, and in turn Aiden keeps her safe when bounty hunters or "fixers" try to eliminate them.

However, when another hacker called "Defalt" strikes Aiden's bunker and steals all the data he had collected, he reveals that Clara was the one hired to track him down which lead to the fatal accident that killed Aiden's niece, and Aiden immediately rejects her despite her best attempts at apologizing. Following this, Clara attempts to make things right by trying to turn herself in when Damien kidnaps Aiden's sister, not knowing at the time that Aiden had long already rescued her and relocated her out of Chicago. This results in a gang boss named "Lucky" Quinn to send fixers after her since she refused to work for him any further after initially ousting Aiden. Despite Aiden's best efforts to reach her in time, Clara is tragically gunned down the moment he arrives. After eliminating all the hitmen, Aiden takes Clara's phone and hears a message from her saying how she wanted to make help him heal after seeing what her actions caused to Aiden and his family as to atone for them. In her guilt, the last words she gives is saying that if she can't do anything for Aiden, she "can at least disappear since she's so good at it." Following this, Aiden takes his revenge on all who opposed him.

There may be some debate as to who's fault it was that Clara died, and there is perhaps even further discussion as to whether there were romantic feelings developing between Aiden and Clara. But in the end it's all for naught with Clara's death, and with the implications of a sequel, her former group DedSec plans revenge on the entire system of ctOS. Even though this will mark the one and only time players will ever get to see Clara if there is a sequel in the works, Clara's overall character and beauty are not one to be left behind so easily. She has done her part to be a strong character throughout her time in Watch_Dogs and should not be cast away as a mere footnote. With the game being as successful as it is, Clara Lille should be the Video Game Babe that left a permanent mark in the code of gaming hearts.

This is Greg P., examining video game babes for you and me.

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