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Babes in Play: Her Rhythm Was Sadly Lost Over Time, Vanessa Schneider

Vanessa was an unfortunate heroine who got left behind...
Vanessa was an unfortunate heroine who got left behind...
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It is unfortunate whenever there is a game and/or character that ends up not holding well to the point of obscurity due to many circumstances. But the fact is not all games end up carrying a legacy, especially one that was created by Capcom, otherwise known for memorable games and characters gamers can relate to. In this instance we look upon a game that carried much potential but due to an underwhelming response went on the wayside and therefore put an otherwise stunning beauty in a position to be forgotten. So let's go back almost 10 years ago when the GameCube was Nintendo's main console that Capcom had big plans for with a woman that could be lethal as she was alluring. Standing alone to only be remembered by a very select few gamers, she is the futuristic merc Vanessa Schneider.

In a game made by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, Product Number 03 (commonly known as P.N.03) was a part of a planned "Capcom Five" project where five games were meant to be exclusive only to the GameCube among titles like Viewtiful Joe and Resident Evil 4. P.N.03 was the first in this set that ultimately was the only GameCube exclusive while three others had an additional port to the Playstation 2, and another game called Dead Phoenix ended up cancelled. As a third person shooter, P.N.03 bore similarities to Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, so the game was created to feature a more beat-based control with focus on defensive maneuvers. Vanessa herself is in an outworldly time and place as a gun for hire equipped with a special "aegis suit" that gives her the capability of shooting beams out from her palms and different other attacks that were activated with specific button patterns almost like executing a combo in Street Fighter.

For this game's story, Vanessa is hired by a mysterious client to destroy a facility creating killer robots called CAMS that have gone on the offensive. Vanessa is more than happy to have the CAMS destroyed since her parents were allegedly killed by them. But in the process Vanessa has a pretty sarcastic attitude towards her benefactor, possibly something she adopted during her line of work. In the course of her mission, she encounters and destroys several giant CAMS while using upgrades and different suits to enhance her efficiency in battle. Eventually towards the end of her mission, she finds a clone of herself hidden deep inside the facility but loses it to a self-destruct sequence. After completing her mission she ends up finding out her client also shares her face and voice, with neither knowing who is the original and what memories they have. Putting all this into account, Vanessa questions whether or not she can continue being a mercenary with this revelation.

Unfortunately anyone who was a fan of the game will never know for sure what the future held for Vanessa as P.N.03 not only didn't sell as much copies, but was poorly received by gamers and critics alike due to several flawed mechanics and a very half-witted production. It stands to reason why it didn't get a Playstation 2 port much like the other "Capcom Five" games, much less any plans to make a sequel or remake the game. Despite the faults however, it is hard to ignore the effort made to make P.N.03 work, and Vanessa certainly has a design that hasn't been matched. Sadly we may very well have seen the last of Vanessa Schneider, unless Capcom attempts to make a new P.N.03 game that could potentially be better than its' predecessor with the new consoles we have today. Otherwise it's hard to believe someone like Vanessa could be neglected like she has if only more effort was put into P.N.03. Hopefully if nothing else she can be remembered for her overall design and personality and not the subpar game she was in. With all that being said, Vanessa Schneider stands to be the Video Game babe with an unfortunate history but unforgettable appeal for her time.

This is Greg P., examining video game babes for you and me.