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Babes in Play: A Half-Angel with Many Tales to Tell, Colette Brunel

Sometimes, just being good for goodness' sake is enough to warrant the admiration Colette gets.
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It's near difficult that you find something or someone that is pure and innocent in every sense of the words, especially in a time when it comes to video games where giving a familiar character a new pair of boots is called out under criticism. But for all the Bayonettas and Tina Armstrongs in the gaming world, there is still a girl that can be admired simply for how good in heart she is. Take for example one who originates in Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo Gamecube, a part of the nearly 20-year old lineup from the "Tales of" series by Namco Bandai games. If she didn't make you smile for the pureness that very few had in RPGs, then you played the wrong game. From the village of Iselia, she is the Chosen: Colette Brunel.

While most characters have a pretty tragic backstory, Colette grew up under better circumstances, being raised into a clergy and having a good education. She quickly makes a trinity friendship with the main hero Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage. While Colette has an innocent soul, she unfortunately can be quite clumsy, constantly tripping over herself and accidentally causing damage in the process. One of the other very few flaws she possesses are her tendency to hide her moments of pain and worriment from her friends and protectors, which in the long run make her a burden than she would prefer, even when she is at one point poisoned. Her bottled up feelings also allow her to not worry about the fact that her mission involves having to sacrifice herself to save the world and the fatally ill, which what the journey she, Lloyd and Genis set out for in the first Tales of Symphonia game.

In the process of using her powers to break the seals in the world of Sylvarant, she starts gaining powers of an angel, but at the same time begins losing the cognitive needs and basic human needs to the point where she becomes an empty shell. Even though she regains her humanity later, she's involved in a plot to have her body host the spirit of Martel, a living version of the World Tree that resides in this world. But after Martel only briefly used her body to convey a message to save the world, Colette regained her well-being and with Lloyd's help, together they combined the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla together and create an entirely new world and restore mana all around. In this action she realizes how she didn't want to die to save the world all along and continues her journey with Lloyd.

Of course Colette had one more run in her when the direct sequel on the Nintendo Wii with "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World" where she runs a charity organization when war breaks out in the new merged world and tries to hide from people who blame her for indirectly causing it in the first place. But this time around she is able to personally join the fight using her new angel powers and with Lloyd and the new heroes Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi to protect the merged worlds from a demon invasion. It's during this particular adventure that, should the player make the appropriate actions, Lloyd and Colette can confess their feelings towards one another in love. Through it all at the end, Colette recalls that even though she was at first only raised to be a sacrifice to save the world, she loved it too much to not see it grow and protect it for herself. With that, her new wish is to make sure no one tries the same actions she does should evil rear it's head again.

While there have been many "Tales of" games over the years with more on the way, Colette's time in the sun were only limited to the Symphonia games. She does however make appearances in spin-off titles like Radiant Mythology as well as Symphonia-based manga and anime series. But even with all that, it's clear Colette has softened up many in the RPG crowd, being the top ranked most popular Tales character of all time. With someone as kind-hearted like Colette, who can blame them? Colette proves that a video game babe doesn't have to be all about being overly sexy and flashy, all it takes is to just be a good girl; one worth making many tales about.

This is Greg P., examining video game babes for you and me.

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