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BABËL New York Presents: Armory show closing party at the Bowery Hotel in NYC

Zach Sebastian

BABËL New York Presents DIMANCHE Celebrating the closing of the Armory art show at The Bowery Hotel Rooftop Specially hosted by Tommy Saleh, Michael Fragoso, & Michael Klug.

Yesterday, March 9th in New York City, the Euro Chic crowd of Manhattan arrived to one of the most famed venues, The Bowery Hotel Rooftop to celebrate another creative Armory show in an artistic extravaganza! Hosted by an all-star team of ambassadors including nightlife connoisseur Tommy Saleh (NY CULT), Michael Klug (Whitewall Magazine) & Michael Fragoso (Les Garcons, PAPER MAG) The event kicked off with Sounds by Gab Rhome followed by the legendary Nico.

Guests mingled and dance all through the night while taking in the energy of the city courtesy of BABEL New York. It allowed party-goers to go on an adventure filled with dance, excitement, and liberating tunes that made you feel the music, to make you come alive.

Do you believe in magic?

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