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B12-Lipotropics for weight loss

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Terri Mundy's Face-FX is offering B12-Lipotropics weight loss injections from her Birmingham office. 

B12-Lipotropics are the latest all natural breakthrough in weight loss.

These are routine injections of energy-giving B12 mixed with amino acids that detoxify the liver, reduce cholesterol and help the body metabolize fats, which result in

* Reduction of fat distribution on hips, thighs and tummy areas
* Reduction of hunger
* Improved cardiovascular health (lowers lipids in bloodstream)
* Improved cholestreol
* Increased energy

To get $50 off a monthly supply call her office at 205.939.3939 or visit for more details and for other services offered.  Another introduction offer is $100 off botox injections.  Call today for an appointment!


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