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B.Lime: a local shiny spot


Most traffic driving west down Washington street in Champaign near the post office is headed to Neil street, however if you chance to look to your right, you will notice a store front a little different than the others. There are a lot of bright colors and unique looking items in the shiny windows.

B.Lime opened in November 2008 as a business venture for the owner and her husband to bring Eco-friendly shopping to Champaign-Urbana. Their goal is to provide the local community with environmentally friendly products that a person would only be able to find in larger cities. They also want to be, in their own words, "a brief gathering place for like-minded individuals, a source of inspiration, a company focused on sustainability, a community partner..."

A wide variety of products are carried from outdoor use items like rain collection barrels to BPA free containers and baby products. There is also a pet section for Rover to get in on the act as well. The items are stocked in a neat but casual method against the colorful backdrop of the surrounding walls.

Their website is well organized and explains their principles with contact information for those interested in getting involved within the community as well as displaying their product lines. The web address is