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B’IOTA (Bee-oh-Tah) Botanicals Comes to America

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According to their website, B’IOTA (Bee-oh-Tah) Botanicals is finally available in the US. The product has been on the market in 35 countries for a decade and now American consumers can purchase it. B'IOTA has been used by those who want to strengthen and thicken their hair. unlike a lot of other products on the market, B’IOTA is not a drug. Even though the product is sold in the “therapeutic” section of the hair care aisle (right next to the Head & Shoulders), it’s important keep in mind that B’IOTA is an easy-to-use, convenient, safe and effective herbal cosmetic shampoo specifically formulated to combat thinning hair.

B'IOTA found from talking with consumers, and based on the success of the products’ US introduction, that many have come into and left the thinning hair care category dissatisfied with their choices. Or, they are not willing to take the risks associated with many products available, and that they much prefer herbal-based remedies. Satisfied customers believe that B’IOTA Botanicals fills that white space and goes a long way in better addressing the needs of those who are either currently experiencing or concerned about thinning hair. The following Q&A from the company describes how the products work in more detail.

How does B'iota actually thicken hair rather than just strengthen the follicles that a person still has ? A lot of products aimed at those suffering from hair loss and thinning hair seem to be about keeping the strands that the personal already has and preventing breakage but not stimulating new growth. Is B'iota distinct from these other products in this way?

Hair follicle is the organ for hair growth and its existence is absolutely necessary. Our entire effort is on the existing follicles. That is:
1. Ensuring that existing hairs remain in the growing phase and
2. Helping weak and thin hairs to become stronger and thicker and thus more visible.
This, in turn, results in thicker, fuller looking hair.

The herbal complex BIOXSINE found in inside B’IOTA BOTANICALS is an effective balance of botanical extracts derived from ingredients found in nature, many of which date back to ancient Mesopotamia and have long been part of European beauty secrets and body-care rituals from the distant past.

We have observed benefits of our shampoo and serum during a placebo controlled clinical study at Pavia University, one of the oldest Universities in Italy. Based on the responses of 120 volunteers after 6 months of regular use of serum and shampoo. We obtained significantly positive responses to the questions:
• “Has the treatment reinforced your hair?”
• “Have you noticed an increase of hair thickness?”
• “Does you hair grow faster?”

What exactly are the ingredients in the herbal formula used for the shampoo and the serum ? Are there any contra indicators for use that buyers should be aware of ?

The plants included in our productswere as follows: Chamomilla recutita Extr. (Chamomile), Urtica urens & dioica Extr. (Nettle), Equisetum arvense Extr. (Horsetail), Achillea millefolium Extr. (Common Yarrow), Ceratonia siliqua Extr. (Carob). Both shampoo and the serum were dermatologically tested for safety at least at three different clinical settings and so far we have not observed any unwanted effects.

How does the serum work to stimulate new growth and encourage faster growth of a person's hair ?

B’IOTA BOTANICALS Advanced Serum is the most concentrated form of our Herbal Complex BIOXSINE. Therefore, unlike a rinse off product, when it is applied to hair it finds sufficient time to diffuse at the hair follicle and exerts its effect there.

Has B'iota helped people achieve thicker hair if the loss is due to chronic illness such as thyroid disorder or anemia?

All B’IOTA products were tested on healthy volunteers. Therefore, we do not have a specific data for those patients.

Tell me more about herbal complex Bioxsine and how it helps combat thinning.

We have observed in our clinical study that use of serum and shampoo together shifts the balance in favor of anagen (growth phase) for those hairs in telogen (resting phase for hair). Furthermore, stimulating existing hair with flavonoids.

Can B'iota be used in conjunction with products such as Rogaine or Propecia?

Yes, B’IOTA products can be used in conjuntion with drugs.. B’IOTA Botanicals products are herbal cosmetics. Especially our shampoo would be a good support tool during the hair loss therapy instead of an ordinary product.

How can B'iota be so effective?

Herbs and plants have been used for centuries in many parts of the world and again gaining popularity. B’IOTA Laboratories’ scientists draw from this vast well of experience to combine science with nature to create clinically tested, quality products that deliver on their promise to provide head-to-toe beauty solutions. B’IOTA laboratories have scientists who are experts on botanical sciences, phytotherapy, chemistry, and dermatology. R&D is the key for a successful formulation.

Can a person use B'iota indefinitely or is it recommended to only use it for 6 months to determine if they will have results ?

We recommend using our Advanced Serum to start and achieve results. Later, the Advanced Serum can be used once or twice a year to help strengthen hair. B’IOTA BOTANICALS Herbal Shampoo is a mild shampoo with excellent cleaning properties. As such, our Shampoo & Conditioner are perfectly suited to replace your regular shampoo and conditioner to provide you continuous delivery of the protective effect of our Herbal Complex BIOXSINE.

Do men and women experience equal results from using B'iota? If so, how is this so given the hormonal differences between the genders?

Our clinical study at Pavia University was carried out on both male and female subjects. Hence, the efficacy of our shampoo and serum was shown on both genders.

Are there new products expected in 2014 for American consumer from B'iota to further help combat hair thinning? If so, what can fans look forward to?

In B’IOTA Botanical Laboratories we prepare many plant extracts and test them for their efficacy. We have already introduced new cosmetic products and in due time those products will find their way in to the US market.



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