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B-FIT, Bridgestone Golf's online ball fitting service helps this hacker

Are you using the right golf ball? Find out with B-FIT
Are you using the right golf ball? Find out with B-FIT

I recently found out why Bridgestone Golf is proud to be the number one "Ball Fitter in Golf" as the I logged on to and went through a ball fitting. At first this may seem like a strange way to find out which Bridgestone golf ball will suit your game, but the 10 minute or so process was quick, painless and I think I learned a little more about my golf game.

B-FIT provides three different ways for you to find the ball that best fits your golf game. Do as I did and try the live fittings through the Bridgestone Ball Fitting chat, a live fitting at a course or range near you and the Online Ball Selection Guide.

Golfers can get a complete schedule of Ball Fitting Challenge events at

I opted to go online and see what could be done to give me a little more distance and maybe allow me to hit a green or two in regulation.

For the online chat I was paired with "Jeff" who after a little small talk, jumped right into wanting to learn about my golf game.

Jeff: Let's start with a little background information on your game. I'd like to know about your ball flight, strengths and weaknesses on the course and if you happen to know your swing speed with a driver that would be great.

Jeff: What about on approach shots? Any issues there? Does the ball back up too much when it hits the green or release forward too much or anything like that?

I gave honest and answers and Jeff gave his expert opinion.

I say "expert" because that is what Jeff, and I assume all of the other ball fitters are in their role.

Before Jeff started doing the online ball fittings, he was a golf ball technician with Bridgestone's ball fitting program. I have to say, Jeff knows his stuff.

Here was his take:

Jeff: Ok. Based on what we've talked about, here is my recommendation...

We have a ball called the e6. This is a soft feeling ball designed to reduce sidespin. This will help straighten out that fade and help you hit more fairways. Because it has a soft core, it's very easy to compress and when you compress the ball properly it will allow you to get all of the performance out of the ball. This along with less sidespin will help you get that distance you're looking for with less effort.

He also provided the link to the ball:

With products made right here in the USA, Bridgestone is trying to stand apart from its competitors in a crowded golf marketplace. Like the e6 that I will be playing.

"Bridgestone is excited that all of our premium balls are now manufactured right here in the United States, particularly at a time when many traditionally-American golf brands have chosen to move their operations off-shore," said Dan Murphy, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bridgestone Golf, Inc. "Like so many golf consumers, we truly value U.S. manufacturing and domestic job creation, and each of these e6s that are put into play will have been proudly produced right here in America."

As I said earlier, visit for your next and maybe first ball fitting and more.

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