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B.E.D. Fragrance

Alpha Talk
Alpha Talk
Alpha Talk

I could have a real designer make a fragrance just for me? Oh yes, I want to hear about this. Alpha Talk is creating a new one called B.E.D. which you can get but the perks for this is that you can get your own fragrance.

He has been creating fragrances since June 2011.

About B.E.D. This is UNISEX fragrance was designed to work with the laws of attraction to help you Become. Everyone's. Desire. It is designed to attract people to you who will help, encourage and uplift you.

When is the last time you had a signature fragrance created just for you based off your personality and favorite scents? Get treated as a VIP Celebrity guest as Alpha Talk uses my unique methods and expert nose to create you a luxurious fragrance experience. No worries, everything is done online, no need to meet in person.

You will find this project on Indiegogo