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B-Ack Yard BBQ on Nantucket

B-Ack Yard BBQ opened its barbecue doors in mid-June to great acclaim and last night was our first chance to visit this new addition to Straight Wharf (#20) where Cap’n Tobey’s used to be. The proprietors, Fred Bisaiillon and Denise Corson spent the off season traveling through the major barbecue regions of the United States to plan out their barbecue offerings.

The sign hanging above the door
Barbecued ribs

The resulting barbecue emporium has the enthusiasm and liveliness of a sports bar, with video screens throughout and friendly and intentionally clever waitresses to keep the customers in good spirits. There is a bar, serving a wide variety of types of bourbon, as well as Cisco beers on tap and a number of bottled beers. In the front, there are a number of tall tables, and halfway back a “tractor bar,” where the six stools are made from actual tractor seats. Behind the bar are additional lower tables.

The menu is simple enough, consisting of pulled pork, ribs, wagyu beef brisket, half roast chicken and kielbasa. The simplest order is the Selfie for $28, which gives you two meats and two sides with warm rolls. You can also get the Feedbag, the Trough and the Pit with three, four or five meats for a table to share. These come with four, six or eight sides.

We both ordered the Selfie with pulsed pork and ribs on our first visit, but with different sides: fries, cornbread, asparagus and slaw. The waitress took our order on a tablet computer and both the beers and the Selfies arrived in moments. The ribs were tender and the pulled pork most and delicious. There are four squeeze bottles of sauce on the table: Hot, Golden, Sweet and Vinegar. The Hot has some heat but won’t drive you away, the Golden has a mustard base and the waitress called it “her favorite,” the Sweet is the typical Kansas City style sauce and the Vinegar is really only for the pulsed pork, to give a North Carolina style dish. You could also put it on your fries.

The grilled asparagus was delicious and tender, the coleslaw actually had flavor, the fries were freshly made and very good and the corn bread was warm and moist.

Some of the other sides we could have ordered included their take on Mac and Cheese, which crumbled Goldfish and Cheez-its on top. They also have baked beans, potato salad, and a mason jar of pickled veggies.

Even a Selfie is a lot of food, but they offer wings, lobster and corn hush puppies and green salads as well as chorizo chili with cilantro crème. Finally, they offer most of these items in sandwich form as well, suitable for lunch time takeout.

We couldn’t possible try everything the first time, but we’ll be back to try the kielbasa and the brisket for sure. You should, too.

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