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B.A.R. raises excellence

Inside of B.A.R. restaurant and menu items.
Inside of B.A.R. restaurant and menu items.
Fried Mac & Cheese

"Home Away from Vegas home" fits the motto of this trendy, yet warm and inviting hotspot. Set just off the Woodbury beltway, located on Cimarron, Rd. in Las Vegas, B.A.R. sets the tone for a neighborly hub where amazing food, drinks, and friendly service never run out. Don't let the surrounding shopping center-like exterior fool you. Once you come here, you'll be coming back for more.

B.A.R. wall art
Anjula Montgomery for B.A.R.

Upon entering, B.A.R., the cozy, orange drapes, plush lounge chairs, window lighting invites guests to mingle, laugh and just enjoy themselves. Bars and booth seating are everywhere and gives the feeling of just slothing around a friend's home and enjoying the night. There is a pretty balcony of orange clear chairs for enjoying the fresh air as well, with billowing curtains that sway in the wind, making for a sensual environment. Along one wall is a gallery of 32 televisions inside that cover the whole area, allowing guests to watch favorite tv shows, sports channels, you name it. The ubiquitous feeling of a sports bar allows for a casual and approachable vibe that guys will enjoy, however, chic enough with its fashionable furniture to get dolled up and have a girls night out.

Scott Godino Jr., the CEO and native of Las Vegas, was raised around the casino business and observed his grandfather, Andrew Zorne, who was the sole president of a few casino hotels such as the Mint, Hacienda, and Park Place. This allowed Godino to pick up on the experience of Vegas and how it operated.

Godino's other grandfather, Lou Godino, was the owner and operator of Town Lounge in Rockford, Illinois. The sense of community and business is clearly in Godino's blood. Gaining the knowledge of how to operate an establishment from one patriarch and growing up in at a time in Las Vegas where everyone knew your name and the relationships formed was just as important as the food allowed Godino to inherit a sense of family from his other elder. "Las Vegas was the place where everyone knew your name and what you enjoyed. The relationships developed meant you never had to worry about anything. It wasn't about the big players, it was about you". To keep the legacy going, Scott Godino developed B.A.R.

Eating at B.AR. is like raiding the refrigerator after a long night out and being so hungry that anything goes. The food is out of this world and quite unusual. Since the lounge is open 24/7, this makes for a great destination when hit with late night cravings or maybe for one who has had a few too many. Whatever the reason, the menu has something for everyone and one would be hard pressed to find something that isn't pleasing, nearly impossible even.

If coming here just for drinks and relaxing, the Maple Bacon shot is highly reccommended by the staff. So unusual and enticing for bacon lovers, or anyone looking for a thrilling and different drink, this shot has a maple syrup beginning, with sweet notes, then ends on a savory note of bacon. Like breakfast in a cup. A smooth frothy texture enhances the flavors into something wonderful.

For less savory options, try The Flamingo, made with an enticing blend of Absolute Cherry, lime, sprite, and cranberry, giving this beverage a salty sweet taste. Great one or with an evening meal. One out of many cocktails to choose from.

The XXX-Presso Martini is a frothy, creamy mix of XO Patron, Creme de Cacao, and half n half cream. A truly tantalizing blend of creamer cafe flavors coming together with vodka to make for a fun night.

To keep up with the sports bar effect, there is a slew of beers to choose from, on tap or bottled and even one's that aren't on the menu, such as the Battle Born, a local beer made in Reno, Nv. However, there are also the tried and true options, such as the Blue Moon Seasonal and Newcastle. B.A.R. offers over 44 beers.

The food is in a league of its own as it comes out piping hot and fresh. The grilled chicken lettuce wraps are a perfect starter with a spicy Asian flavor, consisting of grilled chicken, lettuce, water chestnut, sweet chili sauce, green onion and wanton crisp. The crispy crunch and savory, juicy chicken makes this one a winner.

The Mac and cheese bites are an appetizer that is very filling on its own. A toasty brown crust layer dusted with Cheetos dust over a melty, spicy, cheesy macaroni center of chortle cheese sauce and Mac and cheese. These are perfect to snack on with to try with a side salad. The deliciousness comes from the gooey cheeses that almost stick to the roof of the mouth, as the perfectly seasoned flavored hit the tastebuds. For some one who loves cheeses, this one will be the pick.

Although the appetizers are quite filling alone, if one wants a larger portion of food, the Cowboy classic is perfect. The house B.A.R. B Que sauce smothers the Angus beef, melted with cheddar cheese and served with onion rings.

For lighter fare, try the Banh Mi, a delectable grilled chicken glazed with sriracha sauce, served with cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, as well as sriracha and aeoli.

The breakfast items are worth going for a fast all week for, then gorging for Sunday brunch. The Hendertucky Toast is a life changer as it is simply French toast coated with Fruity Pebbles That's it! Although children are not allowed at B.A.R. they would for sure go crazy for this one as a to go item for breakfast.

The B.A. Burger is a favorite for breakfast as well. If one cannot choose what they want to eat try this. A ground Angus beef Patti, with bacon, cheddar cheese and fried egg on a glazed doughnut! How delightful, all served with a side of potatoes.

B.A.R is a becoming more popular everyday and is a favorite among many locals and travelers just passing through. The stylized yet humble approach makes this restaurant lounge stand out without even trying. Unique in its approachable style and with tons more food picks, this entertaining hub is a happening spot that will stay in Vegas.

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