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'Aztez' announced for Sony's PlayStation 4 and Vita

UPDATE: Due to the announcement on Sony's PlayStation website, we incorrectly stated that it was only releasing on PS4 and Vita. Colorblind has informed us that indeed Aztez will be also coming to Xbox One, Wii U, and Steam.

'Aztez' is a highly stylized game.

Today, Ben Ruiz, the artist and concept designer at Team Colorblind the studio behind the upcoming Aztez has announced that the title will be coming to Sony's PlayStation 4 and Vita. A duo consisting of Ruiz and Matthew Wegner, Colorblind has been working on the title over the past two years.

"At its core, Aztez is two games. One of those games is a full on real-time beat ‘em up combat experience," says Ruiz. "The other game that comprises Aztez is an empire management strategy game, and that’s where the aforementioned replayability comes from.

Ruiz continues, "We decided early on that we didn't want to make another beat ‘em up that forces you through a linear narrative and rote platforming segments, so we've created what we feel is an infinitely more interesting vehicle for thrilling combat; a randomized, historical Risk-like."

The game clearly reflects the values that Sony has come to value and looks like it will be a comfortable fit on its platforms.

"Ultimately, Aztez is about the combat, and we want to make our mark on this generation of Sony consoles with our own signature brand of digital power fantasy, and we want you to be able to do it in your home or on the move.

"Nothing makes the bus/taxi ride to work better than cutting down a hundred legendary warriors and offering their blood to the gods in real time."

The video embedded in this post is just a teaser as to what the game will offer when it releases.

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