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Aztex help "Keep Austin Weird"


Photo: Austin Aztex web site

     Texas is a great land. Stop to ask any passerby and you will likely hear a long list as to why he or she would never live in any other state. In the name of Texas, we are all family here in the Lone Star state. However, as with any family, there is a black sheep, and that sheep’s name is Austin.

     There are many reasons why Austin doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the state. We’re blue, they’re red. We’re vegan-friendly. They don’t know what that means. We’ll do anything to save our salamanders. They wonder if the animal would make a good boot. See, just small differences really.

     Well, here’s the kicker: in the capitol of the state that worships football, we now have futbol. No, that’s not a typo. Austin has a professional soccer club enjoying its second season, the Austin Aztex FC. Now, with a season under the team’s belt and playing out of a better facility, the Aztex are finally drawing in the crowds. In fact, last Wednesday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rowdies enjoyed record-setting attendance, nearly filling House Park to capacity.

     With reasonably priced tickets and several of community outreach initiatives, it’s no wonder the Aztex are settling in nicely with the locals. They even have a herd of volunteers that call themselves the Aztex Army that do a great job of assisting the administration with operating game-day activities.

     As nice as all that may be, the tip of the hat must really go to the Aztex booster section. They are a well-oiled machine of enthusiastic, border-line psychopathic aficionados, fueled by opponents’ fear and loathing. They command the attention of fans and players alike with their bilingual chants, myriad of noise-makers, and well-rehearsed drum line. Yeah, you read right. Representing the true spirit of Austin, the Aztex are Spanish language friendly and even their soccer games have live music.

     So even if you’re a die-hard UT football—with two “O’s”—fan, you can still come out for the fun of a soccer game at House Park and catch Aztex fever. Really, you have nothing to lose. The seasons hardly overlap, and nobody will judge you for swinging both ways. After all, this IS Austin.

For more information on the team and game schedule, visit the Austin Aztex web site here.


  • Rox 5 years ago

    I heard about this on the radio a few days ago. Sounds fun. :)

  • NashTrash 5 years ago

    hahah I want to quote the first two paragraphs to all my non-texan friends! GO TX!!

  • Matthew 5 years ago

    As the leader of Chantico's Army, the "...well-oiled machine of enthusiastic, border-line psychopathic aficionados" (I'm the one in the kilt) I want to say thanks for this article! Great reporting and proper reflection of the team, volunteers, supporters and fans. I'd also invite EVERYONE to come out and join us for a match (we're always behind the opposing teams bench on the north side of the west stands). Cheer in English, cheer in Spanish, we dn't care. Just cheer!!! For information, check out

    Thanks again Javier. Awesome article!!!

  • jaysscholar 5 years ago

    Once again, I'd like to clarify that Wednesday's attendance of 6,051 is an aberration. From the statesman:

    "Wednesday's attendance of 6,051 fans set an all-time high for the second-year Aztex, although a significant portion of those in attendance entered for free.

    As part of a soccer in schools program, the franchise gave away free tickets to every Austin school district middle school and high school within a three-mile radius of House Park.

    "We need to see them here on a regular basis," Heath said of the crowd. "This was good football.""

    We shouldn't get too hype when a large chunk of the fans came for free. The key is how many will come back at the next home game.

  • Selfish Groupie 5 years ago

    I'm proud to be a salamander loving, veggie devouring, bootscootin' swinging Austinite. Viva Futbol! Fun article!
    But if you keep telling people how wonderful life is in Austin, they're all gonna come and live here and we'll have to have another train "election" to accommodate the increase in I-35 traffic. Shhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Daniel 5 years ago

    The author left out how we Texans tend to mock those from lesser states!

  • Alejo 5 years ago

    Very well done article sir, got the name of our "supporters section" wrong but thats ok. Also some huge respect must be paid to the drummers, Austin's very own Samba school Academicos de Opera.

    Still a fine article.
    Cheers and maybe see you at the match June 5!!!!

    UP THE RAW!!!

  • Vanessa 5 years ago

    @jayscholar: Don't be such a Debbie Downer! The idea was to get kids excited about the team and to give them a chance to come out and see what we're all about. There has been tremendous positive feedback, and I expect that the next home game will clearly show the impact of inviting the schools. If you're a true soccer fan, any chance to get more people into the sport should be looked upon with excitement, not cynicism.

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