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Azteca Family Mexican Restaurant/Trend Magazine Online

Buena Comida!

Azteca/Charlotte, NC
J. Whipple/Trend Magazine

By Jay Whipple/Trend Magazine

This has been my favorite Mexican restaurant in the Charlotte area for quite some time now. I first dined at their Gastonia, NC, location after breaking down nearby on my way back from reserve duty in Hickory, NC. The food was great and I later found out that they had several other area locations including Charlotte, NC. I usually stop at the Woodlawn Road location in Charlotte near Interstate 77 after one of my Charlotte Daily City Tours.

This location is normally very busy and especially during the month of early May when they celebrate Cinco De Mayo – [May 5th] Mexican Independence Day. I suggest not visiting during rush hour if you are in a hurry because it takes quite a bit of time to get in and out of the parking lot. One of things that they do at this location that is very unique is that they display a sample of a real meal towards the entrance to the dining area. For a long time I assumed that it was plastic but to my surprise one of the employees explained to me that it was indeed real food. That got me to thinking – hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – I wonder if they would notice if I took a few bites.

On the real though, I ordered my usual take out meal and chose the Steak Torero. My server was very pleasant and while awaiting my meal I checked out the restroom and it was pretty clean. My take out order was up in about 15 minutes and the total came to $13.04. It included a 1 ½” thick juicy steak, large chunks of sautéed mushrooms, onions, and green peppers and the refried beans were super delicious as usual. They give you enough food to consume on the way home and to heat up later that night.

Azteca Family Mexican Restaurant is located at 116 East Woodlawn Road, Charlotte, NC, 27217, near Interstate 77 and the Billy Graham Library in Southwest Charlotte. Their phone number is 704-525-5110, and web site is Tell them that Trend Magazine Online sent you!


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