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Azeroth Choppers brings new mounts for 'WoW'

WoW's newest mount will be a chopper
WoW's newest mount will be a chopper
Photo by Sean Gallup

Popular reality show stars from OC Choppers and Blizzard Entertainment are teaming up for an exciting new “World of Warcraft” vehicle to be included in the game. As documented in Azeroth Choppers, a web series available on YouTube, the expert motorcycle creators separate into Horde and Alliance to create the most awesome chopper for the respective factions. The first two episodes are available on Youtube or the shows website with more to come.

Paul Jr., owner of the custom chopper company, was happy to create the MMORPG vehicles but like any exciting video game content the issue is of course the deadline. After meeting with the guys from Blizzard the bomb was dropped that the vehicles need to be created in just a short 5 weeks. In true reality show fashion those working on the bikes seem to think this is an insurmountable challenge, however savvy viewers know the choppers will likely be finished and looking great just in time.

To tie in the spirit of Azeroth’s never ending war between Horde and Alliance the chopper builders have been split into teams to create a vehicle representing either faction. While the short webisodes are playing up the competition between these two groups, in the end it will come down to the players opinions. When the choppers are completed WoW players will have the chance to vote on the vehicle they like the best. The winning vehicle will become a free mount in game, pretty cool.

The webisodes are much like a single episode of OC Choppers cut up into different episodes where all the commercial breaks would usually go but seeing the process that goes behind creating these epic looking vehicles is rather interesting. Will citizens of Azeroth vote for the faction which they swear allegiance or for the chopper that looks the coolest? Regardless the chopper that gets the most votes will be a win for the faction it was created for. Tune into Azeroth Choppers until players have the chance to vote on these epic new mounts. Can’t wait to see how they’re going to turn out.