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Azealia Banks drops music video for 'Heavy Metal and Reflective' single

The music world has been anticipating something new from Harlem-born rapper Azealia Banks since she publicly broke up with her record label earlier this year. Luckily for Banks fans, they now have a new music video to tide them over until her album drops.

On August 5, Banks released the music video for “Heavy Metal and Reflective”. It is the second single from her debut album and was independently released by Banks. The single is currently available to purchase as a digital download.

Banks opens the video for “Heavy Metal and Reflective” as being dragged out into the desert by a faceless group of men who tie her to a chair and seemingly leave her to die. Not one to go out without a fight, Banks eventually frees herself and is joined by a gang of bikers for a dramatic desert scene of her usual defiant her-against-the-world lyrics.

The news source Colorlines says that the video contains some of Banks' own best lyrics since her Fantasea mixtape back in 2012. The “Heavy Metal” video was directed by Rob Soucy and Nick Ace. Together, they have worked as assistant directors on several major films.

The full album, Broke With Expensive Taste, has been in limbo since its production several years ago. Her previous record label, Universal, was publicly accused by Azealia Banks herself of continually delaying the album's release and is seen as the main reason why Banks was let go from Universal in early July.

When Banks spoke with Buzzfeed's Naomi Zeichner, she said the “Heavy Metal” video is meant to have a “Tarantino vibe” and represents being freed from the old bonds of the Universal record company. She wants to release her new music on her own terms and with her own label: the truest form of freedom for any musician.

A release date for Banks' debut has yet to be formally announced. With the release of her new music video, however, it may be sooner than later. Considering recent events, Broke With Expensive Taste may carry her name as both leading artist and distributor.

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