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AZ artist part of futuristic project next weekend at Denver's Comic Con

There’s a new “Con” every week – LepreCon, FearCon, Comic Cons all over… but Arizona’s own Sam Wickey will be spending his time at Denver’s Comic Con next week. Wickey is the Art Director for a sci-fi webseries called “Inner Dimension,” premiering there June 13-15 as part of the fest’s Reel Heroes segment. Put together by production house Galloping Metal Productions LLC, the trailer for this series alone has seen more than 260,000 web hits.

Images from the team of "Inner Dimension"-slide0
photo courtesy of Kasha Fauscett

Produced by Kasha Fauscett, "Inner Dimension" follows several strangers who disappear from the real world and find themselves lost in a metaphysical realm more ancient that the age of the dinosaurs. As the characters travel through portals between the two dimensions, meeting unlikely allies and foes, darkness seeps into the world and threatens the universe. Only a few can save it.

The web series combines the feel of "Lost" and "Dr. Who" with an even more unusual cast than most Con projects see. There’s an ex-NFL player, a British Lord, and even a pro boxer for good measure. Equally unique is the paranormal spin the series takes on the end-of-the-world-doomsday theme.

"Inner Dimension’s" presence at Denver’s Comic Con will be a fully immersed experience. Visitors can hang with costumed cast and crew at Galloping Metals’s booth for photos and fun. They’ll also pick up swag from the series’ sponsors, which include James McInerney, Isis Books and Gifts, and Proof Niteclub of Denver. The project wouldn't have gotten this far without generous sponsors, and 5280 Disaster Restoration Drywall & Repairs has been the primary donor, making it possible to reach a larger audience than Fauscett originally thought possible.

Artistic Director Wickey has his own measure of fame as a bronze sculptor. (Having lived in Arizona for 15 years, we still claim him as our own!) You can see his work on the web here. Wickey is especially known for bronze statues of athletes, freezing their famous moments in time, and he does lifelike custom commissions as well. Though he is heavily into the post-production phase of his own film "The Earth is Flat," Wickey lent a creative eye with his artistic flair to the "Inner Dimension" series.

Kasha Fauscett is an actor who has put on her director hat for this project. With more than 15 film credits to her name, she has taken her passion for making people feel and tackles it from a different perspective with "Inner Dimension." The warm reception she has felt from the online community has her focusing on reaching a wider global audience.

Sometimes the best pairing for a successful film project is people who can read each others' minds and finish each others' sentences. Fauscett's husband Troy Fauscett is the other half of this dynamic duo and as the Writer for "Inner Dimension," he primarily has had to interpret his wife's vision. He has been able to translate Fauscett's direction for the cast and crew, and in huge part, the success of the web series relies heavily on him. But Kasha Fauscett’s appetite for this unique project combines spectacularly with the artistic vision of Sam Wickey to create a stunning series definitely worthy of your time – whether you see it online or at Denver’s Comic Con.

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