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Axe Super Bowl 2014 ad generates buzz with unique premise

The Super Bowl 2014 ads are starting to make their way online already, and the Axe ad has people buzzing. It may seem quite provocative to some, but not in the ways most would expect. Mashable shared the ad and the details on Jan. 15.

People are buzzing about the Axe Super Bowl 2014 ad
Photo by Cindy Ord

Many Super Bowl ads feature either animals or scantily clad women in them. In the case of the Axe Super Bowl ad, viewers will see neither of those things. The ad plays with a hashtag #KissForPeace, but it isn't until the very end that viewers see where things are headed. This is one of those ads that one must watch until the end.

The stakes on the Super Bowl ads get higher each and every year, as viewers' expectations rise. Social media and the Internet are playing more integral roles these days, and many companies are sharing teasers or even full ads ahead of the big day rather than keep the details under wraps for the big game.

Which Super Bowl 2014 ads will have people buzzing this year? Stay tuned as more ads are released, and tune in to Super Bowl XLVIII airing on Feb. 2.

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