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Awesome win for 'The Lego Movie'

"The Lego Movie" wins in a big way.
"The Lego Movie" wins in a big way.
Box Office Mojo

Now this is a box office champ. "The LEGO® Movie" scored a huge win as it built an audience that spanned the generations and invited real imagination back to the movie screens.

Based on the popular toys and set in the imagination of a child, this adventure strikes a nerve in young and old. Apparently these toys have built a loyal audience over the years and it showed with the numbers. A whopping $69 million is the take for what will now become a franchise. The sequel is being prepped. It is now the biggest opener ever for a Warner Brothers animated flick.

After one sees it, the answer to a sequel is clear. It will happen. It has to as the story line dictates it. Plenty of celebrity voices fill the ears here, but Will Ferrell is who people will remember in the end. It is not the celebrity voices that carry this one. It is the story and the animation, but Chris Pratt as the construction worker ignites the passion of the others, and Morgan Freeman is the guide. It works on all levels. Much like "Frozen," where it all came together to form a solid piece of entertainment, "The LEGO®) Movie" lifts the audience. But, "Frozen" is still riding high at the box office, as well.

1. "The Lego Movie" - $69 million
2. "The Monuments Men"- $22 million
3. "Ride Along" - $9.5 million

Not to be outdone, but it was, "The Monuments Men" was solid in second. But look at it this way. The take for "The Lego Movie" on Saturday alone, $30.9 million, beat the second place finisher. The movie has legs, does the "Lego Movie."

"Vampire Academy" did indeed suck and not in a good way. It's total was $4 million as it settled in seventh place. Timing is crucial here and it was bad for this one, but perhaps there wasn't any other option. A vampire flick released on Valentine's Day might have worked, however. But, that is this coming weekend and three films getting top billing there in "Endless Love," Winter's Tale" and "About Last Night." Love will be in the air and on the big screens, but perhaps "Vampire Academy" could have found a home then.

"Robocop" is going to step in early on that love holiday and open Feb. 12.

Meanwhile, "The LEGO®) Movie" now boasts the second highest opening in February. “The Passion of the Christ" in 2004 has the title as it took in $83 million in its opening outing.

So, "Everything is Awesome" with the movie.

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