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Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension makes screen capturing easy

Awesome Screenshot for Chrome edit and save screens
Awesome Screenshot for Chrome edit and save screens
Screen shot by Sandy Stachowiak

It is easy to take a screen shot using Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen. But, then you have to open it in your photo editor to make adjustments, even minor ones. There is an easy-to-use Chrome extension called Awesome Screenshot that encompasses taking the screen shot, editing it, and saving it in one application.

Easy to Use

When you are on a page that you would like to capture, simply click the Awesome Screenshot button in the Chrome browser. You can select from capturing the visible part of the page, a selected area, the entire page, or a local image.

Once you choose your screen shot option and click Capture, the image you have captured is displayed in the Awesome Screenshot edit window. Here you can crop, add a shape such as rectangle, circle, arrow, or line, draw a free line or blur, add text, choose the color, undo your edits, or simply click Done.

Easy to Save

Once you are done editing your screen shot, you can save it online to, Google Drive, or temporarily with Awesome Screenshot. You can also save the image locally as a file, to the clipboard, or print the image. Additionally, you can re-edit the screen shot if you change your mind about the edits made.

The Awesome Screenshot extension for Chrome is available in the Extensions area of the Chrome Web Store. Simple search for Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate. When the extension window pops up, click the + Free button to add to Chrome and you are ready to go. The app’s button should appear as an extension in your Chrome browser.

If you would like to do extensive editing to your screen shot, then Awesome Screenshot may not be the right tool for you. But, for quick screen captures with simple editing, you cannot go wrong with this extension!

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